Harry and Beaux dropped clues about if they're still together after 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 3.

Here Are Some Clues About Whether Harry And Beaux Are Together After THTH

Fans need answers.


Too Hot To Handle always gives fans a few couples to root for, and Season 3 was all about Harry Johnson and Beaux Raymond. The British lovebirds got serious with one another about halfway through the latest season, and ended up being the love story fans couldn’t get enough of. But Too Hot To Handle Season 3 was filmed a pretty long time ago — at the start of 2021 to be exact — so it’s only natural to wonder if Harry and Beaux are still together after Too Hot To Handle almost a year later. Though they haven’t outright confirmed whether they broke up or are still dating, there are a few clues that suggest they’re as in love as ever.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Season 3 of Too Hot To Handle, including the final results. It took Harry and Beaux a few episodes to get it together, but once they coupled up, it was clear they were a match made in heaven. As a couple, they never broke any of Lana’s rules (although Harry did break one on his own), and the matchmaking AI rewarded them with a coveted green light on their wristbands to share their first kiss. In the end, they made history as the show’s first couple to win the prize money together. In Season 1, anyone who hadn’t been eliminated split the prize money, and then in Season 2, Lana only named one winner. But this time around, Harry and Beaux were named joint champions and got to share the $90,000 prize.

And it *seems* like they’re still together. At least, fans know for sure they were still very into each other after wrapping production. During their flight back home in May 2021, it was revealed the couple was arrested for “kissing and behaving intimately” in their seats. Apparently, things got way too sexual and they became aggressive when asked to tone it down. It’s not exactly the most flattering way to confirm a relationship is still going strong, but it’s certainly proof Harry and Beaux were still totally hot and heavy after filming. (Lana would certainly have thoughts about this.)

However, the couple revealed in an interview with Capital FM that they haven’t actually met up in person since returning from the show. “We’re still in touch a lot,” Beaux said, with Harry confirming they FaceTime often.

While that may sound like things cooled off between the two, they seemed quick to rekindle things when they were able to reunite shortly after Season 3 aired. On Sunday, Jan. 23, Beaux shared a flirty photo of herself and Harry nearly touching tongues when the cast reunited to do promos together.

Hopefully, Harry and Beaux will let fans know what’s really going on with them soon enough, but for now, it definitely still looks like they’re having tons of fun flirting with one another at every opportunity.