Anna Delvey rated Julia Garner's 'Inventing Anna' accent on Julia Fox's podcast.

Anna Delvey Revealed Her True Feelings About That Inventing Anna Accent

This all happened on Julia Fox's podcast, BTW.


There’s a lot of chaos to digest in Inventing Anna, and the weirdness came in full force right at the beginning of the series. Viewers immediately had a visceral reaction to Julia Garner’s... interesting accent work as faux German socialite Anna Delvey, and although Delvey herself has shared several reactions to the Netflix show, there was one aspect fans really wanted to hear her opinion on. At long last, Anna Delvey rated Julia Garner’s Inventing Anna accent — in an interview with her friend and socialite-of-the-moment Julia Fox, no less.

During her March 11 appearance on Fox’s podcast, Forbidden Fruits, Delvey got real about the actor who portrayed her on Inventing Anna, calling Julia Garner “a very sweet girl” and revealing she met with the actor to work on the accent. However, she admitted she didn’t think Garner’s accent turned out perfect. In fact, Delvey rated Garner’s accent a “6 out of 10,” but went on to defend the speech patterns by noting she was recreating her way of speaking from several years ago, not as it currently exists.

“She was portraying me from like, 2015, 2016, 2017,” Delvey told Fox. “So now I've spent the past four years just in the States. I was surrounded by Americans, so maybe my accent was different... I barely even speak German these days. All I speak is English. Back in the day, I would speak French, German, English on a daily basis.”


As Delvey expressed in her responses, Garner had a particularly difficult task in terms of nailing the fraudster’s unique accent. Delvey, who was born Anna Sorokin, spent her childhood in Russia before moving to Germany for her high school years and then interning at the French magazine Purple. She finally moved to the United States to climb the social ladder in New York in 2013. Spending her formative years jumping around Europe resulted in a multilingual accent, one that was even further complicated by Delvey trying to hide her Russian background to lean into her invented persona as a German heiress.

While Garner may not have perfectly captured Delvey’s manner of speaking in Delvey’s eyes, it sounds like she came pretty close at least.