Rachel Williams and Anna Delvey have entered into an Instagram feud over 'Inventing Anna.'

Anna Delvey And Rachel Williams' Feud Has Moved To Instagram

This is even more dramatic than Inventing Anna.


The only person who can create a more dramatic epilogue to Shonda Rhimes’ Inventing Anna is Anna Delvey herself. The convicted fraudster is digging up beef with an old friend from behind bars, and it’s resulted in an extremely compelling series of back-and-forth jabs. It started when, following the premiere of Inventing Anna, Delvey’s former friend, Rachel Williams, criticized the show in a high-profile interview. Delvey then clapped back at Williams with a brutal rant on her Instagram Story, to which Williams responded in an equally public manner. Clearly, there’s no love lost between these two.

The current bout of drama began on Feb. 15, when Williams’ former employer, Vanity Fair, published a lengthy interview with Williams about her thoughts on Inventing Anna, which premiered on Feb. 11. In the interview, published four days after the show’s premiere, Williams accused the series of dangerously conflating fact with fiction. The series portrays Williams (played by actor Katie Lowes) as Delvey’s close friend who’s eager to experience her lavish lifestyle, up until Delvey tricks her into putting a $62,000 Moroccan vacation on her work card. Williams claimed Lowes never contacted her when preparing to play her, but her biggest gripe with the show was that, in her opinion, the glamorization of Delvey’s crimes, and her assertion that Delvey is benefitting from the show’s success. (Delvey was reportedly paid $320,000 for consulting on Inventing Anna.)

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Netflix

Delvey, who is currently detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying her visa, tore into Williams over these comments in a seven-part Instagram story on Feb. 23. In the rant, Delvey claimed Williams reached out to her in 2018 in hopes of working on a book together, insinuating Williams was also attempting to benefit from the whole ordeal.

“Don't you just love the irony of watching Rachel DeLoache Williams constantly adjust her (very) flexible moral standards depending on the protective amount of $ she stands to profit based on the latest twists in the tale of her 'unfortunate' association with me?,” Delvey wrote. “BEFORE she epically embarrassed herself during my trial and before Netflix forever celebrated her (very accurate) total Karen image, her moral compass deemed it acceptable to suggest we write a book together. All while still pressing charges against me. She really thought she could have it all, didn't she? I guess 'giving me platform' and 'glorifying crime' didn't seem to be such big concerns of Rachel's back then.”

Of course, people were quick to capture screenshots of Delvey’s full rant before it disappeared into the IG stories ether.

Williams responded to the rant the next day on Feb. 22 in a statement to Newsweek, disputing Delvey’s claim that she reached out to collaborate on a book with her. “I have no interest in feuding, but, with regard to Anna's allegations on Instagram, I'll leave the fiction-making to Anna and stick with the facts,” Williams said. “Anna has proven herself to be a con artist and pathological liar. I, personally, would never have worked with her on a project of any kind.”

It sounds like Williams isn’t interested in keeping this feud going, but you never know when Delvey might drop another IG story rant again.