Angus Cloud attends the 2022 'Vanity Fair' Oscar Party.

Angus Cloud's Reaction To The Euphoria Finale Is Already A Meme

“No, thank you.”

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Angus Cloud has officially shared his thoughts on that shocking Euphoria Season 2 finale. Well, kind of. On March 27, the actor who plays Fezco walked the Vanity Fair Oscars Party red carpet where he was asked about the show’s big cliffhanger. I’ll just say his response was very brief.

“What do you tell the fans who had such incredibly emotional, strong reactions to the finale?” a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight asked Cloud.

The actor’s response was honestly iconic. “Um, I’d tell them, uh, that’s what’s up. You know what I’m sayin’?” Cloud said.

The clip went viral on Twitter, in part because Cloud has that perfect ability to say a whole lot without really saying anything at all. That’s just his charm, and the interview only proved more hilarious as it went on.

The reporter then asked Cloud about his reaction while reading the script of the finale. “I mean, what part of the script?” he said.

When ET clarified they were talking about the final episode, Cloud said, “Oh, yeah. I was, uh, I was kind of trippin’. I’m like, oh, yeah that’s wild.” I mean, he’s not wrong. That finale left everyone in shambles. But, come on Cloud, give us something.

The ET correspondent must have been feeling the same way as me because they continued on by asking Cloud if seeing fans’ reaction to the show had made him emotional.

His answer? “Yeah.”

When he was asked to elaborate, the star simply said, “No, thank you.” Amazing. I’ll now be saying this quote every time someone asks me something, and I don’t feel like talking.

The clip going around on Twitter is definitely worth a watch, but the longer interview posted on Entertainment Tonight’s YouTube page is equally as interesting. In the video, Cloud was asked when the third season of Euphoria would premiere. “I don’t know,” he said. “They don’t tell me sh*t.”

We appreciate your honesty, Angus.

He joined a number of Euphoria stars at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, including Zendaya, Jacob Elordi, Dominic Fike, Hunter Schafer, and Sydney Sweeney.

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Maude Apatow, Colman Domingo, and Barbie Ferreira were also pictured at the event.

Matt Winkelmeyer/VF22/WireImage/Getty Images

The Euphoria cast looked like they had so much fun at the party, but am I the only one still wondering about the Euphoria Season 3 premiere date? Actually, no. It sounds like my man Cloud doesn’t know it either.