Euphoria Fans Are Distraught Over The Heartbreaking Death In Season 2's Finale

This was too much.


Euphoria fans went into Season 2’s final episode incredibly worried for Fez, but it was his brother they really should’ve been concerned for. After locking himself in the bathroom with a full arsenal during a SWAT raid, Ashtray was shot and killed. The moment broke fans' hearts.


After the cops kicked down the bathroom door, fans knew Ash’s fate was sealed.

We all knew Ash never backed down from a fight, but this was on another level.

Fez having to watch the moment made it even more heartbreaking.

It’s surreal to think Ashtray is gone now.

The tributes immediately started pouring in after the scene.

Even Jack Harlow joined in on the mourning.

How did they shoot that scene without breaking down?

Ash’s unwavering loyalty to Fez is what made him such a fan-favorite character.

Sam Levinson, you will pay for this.

Of course, this is Euphoria Twitter, so fans still found some humor in the sadness.

But in the end, Ash’s death had everyone going to bed with tears in their eyes after the finale.

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