Angus Cloud and Maude Apatow star in HBO's drama-filled series, 'Euphoria'.

Will Fezco Be Okay? These 'Euphoria' Season 2 Memes Are Breaking My Heart

Can #Fexi catch a break, please?

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Since the Season 2 premiere, Fezco (Angus Cloud) and Lexi Howard (Maude Apatow) have risen as one of the most beloved romantic pairings on HBO Max’s popular drama-filled series, Euphoria. However, following Episode 7, viewers are worried this slow-burn romance — otherwise affectionally known online as #Fexi —may end in tragedy. Sadly, Fez didn’t make it to Lexi’s play. Twitter couldn’t stop speculating why he didn’t show up, and these Euphoria Season 2 memes about Fez are pretty heartbreaking.

By all accounts, Fez really wanted to go to Lexi’s play. “Of course, I’mma be there,” he told her in the Episode 7 promo clip. “I’mma be sitting in the front row, shorty.”

In the episode, all initially appeared well. Lexi called Fez to say she saved him “the best seat in the house.” Fez even got her a bouquet of roses and fussed over wether or not he should wear a tie. The romantic lead-up to the play was honestly adorable, which makes the fact that he didn’t make it that much more heartbreaking. Throughout the show, Fez’s seat was painfully vacant, leaving Lexi (and viewers) to wonder what exactly happened.

Well, it couldn’t have been anything good. It’s clear Fez wouldn’t have missed Lexi’s show for the world, so something terrible must have occurred to prevent him from going. Of course, Twitter users couldn’t stop ruminating after the episode ended with Fez still nowhere to be found in the theater.

It didn’t help that in the promotional clip for Euphoria’s season finale, Fez could be seen on the floor, mouth agape in a cry of agony. While this itself is pretty tragic, it’s actually not too surprising. There’s actually been a lot of mounting tension for Fez all season.

In Episode 6, audiences learned that Custer (Tyler Chase) has been cooperating with police to nail Fez and Ashtray (Javon Walton) for murdering their former colleague, Mouse (Meeko Gattuso). Because Fez never appears to make it to the play, it’s plausible the police may have carried out a plan to raid his house. Worse, given what we see in the final promo, it’s still unclear whether or not Fez will be alive by the end of the season.

Understandably, people all over the internet are in distress. Throughout Season 1, Fez became a fan favorite. He was so adored, in fact, that series creator Sam Levinson decided to give him a bigger role in Season 1. This is a starkly different path for the character than initially plan. As Cloud told GQ last month, Fez wasn’t initially supposed to make it alive to Season 2.

Though he returned for Season 2, Fez remains in mortal peril which means Lexi’s recent grave words may come true.

“I feel like I’ve lived most of my life in my imagination. Taking the smallest moments and dreaming them up into something bigger,” she said in the Episode 7 promo. “But I always had this feeling that at any moment, something horrible was about to happen.”

Well, that sounds ominous.