Andy Cohen isn't too happy with James Corden's integration of a bar on the set of his 'Late Late Nig...

Andy Cohen Accused James Corden Of Copying This Part Of His Show

The Watch What Happens Live host thinks something looks similar.

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This year was filled with some pretty unexpected celebrity feuds, and a last-minute casual shade from Andy Cohen to James Corden might top the list. Recently, Cohen accused Corden of allegedly copying the set of his Bravo late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live. Welp, this is awkward.

On Dec. 27, Cohen appeared on the Table For Two podcast hosted by his close friend, Bruce Bozzi. In the episode, Cohen said WWHL, which debuted in 2009, “redefined” the look and feel of a late-night talk show by adding a certain prop to their set design: a bar.

Once Corden became the host of The Late Late Show in 2015, he also added a bar on his set. Craig Ferguson, the previous host of the late-night series, largely kept the stage design traditional by predominately hosting and speaking with guests from behind a desk.

WWHL was the first bar on late night,” Cohen said, according to Cosmopolitan, before calling out Corden. “James Corden got a bar. James Corden kind of wound up...”

Bozzi interrupted Cohen to finish the thought and say, “ripping off your set.”

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Cohen continued, saying that he was grateful his show was still on air; however, he made it clear he wasn’t here for the set similarities. “I am so glad we’re still going. That [the show] is like, great, copy my set— go with God,” he said. Corden has not publicly responded to Cohen’s allegations.

On the surface, both Corden and Cohan’s stages have a similar mid-century modern aesthetic. They largely host in front of brown wooden shelves filled with kitschy framed photos and other seasonal accessories. However, Corden’s stage is a bit more expansive while Cohan’s clubhouse is smaller.

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Cohen is just the latest celebrity to call Corden out this year. Earlier this month, Mel B accused the talk show host of being the “biggest d*ckhead she’d ever met.”

Prior to this, in October, Corden was temporarily banned from the trendy Manhattan restaurant Balthazar for what restauranteur Keith McNally alleged was “abusive” behavior to his wait staff. Corden later issued a public apology on his show, stating it was never his intention to upset anyone.

This is a pretty tough way for Corden to end the year, especially since he’s stepping down as host of The Late Late Show in 2023.