I Couldn't Help But Wonder...
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in the 'And Just Like That' Episode 7 promo

Carrie Tries Dating Apps In The And Just Like That Episode 7 Promo

And hey, Che Diaz is back.


The world of SATC has always been about Carrie Bradshaw and her besties figuring out their love lives with each other by their sides. Even after the devastating loss of Mr. Big, fans knew Carrie wouldn’t stay out of the romance arena forever. And now, the And Just Like That Episode 7 promo reveals she’s finally getting back out there — whether she’s ready to or not.

Aside from the occasional glance at a cute physical therapist here and there, Carrie hasn’t shown any interest in other men since Big’s fatal heart attack in Episode 1. This is understandable, considering in the timeline of the show, only a few months have passed since she said goodbye to her husband. But who is Carrie Bradshaw without a romantic quandary? The show has given her a few episodes to learn how to grieve; now it’s time for her to learn how to date while grieving.

The promo for Episode 7 opens with Carrie facing the question of when she’ll start dating again. It then immediately cuts to her swiping through men on a dating app, so I guess that answers that question pretty quickly. Ultimately, she lands on Peter, a 53-year-old widow, with whom she goes out to dinner. However, judging by her avoidance of him later in the promo, it’s not clear the date goes particularly well.

Meanwhile in the AJLT trio, Miranda obsesses over the DM she sent Che at the end of Episode 6, which has gone unanswered. The promise of more Miranda cringe hangs heavy, as there’s a clip of her confronting Che for leaving her on read after their steamy kitchen hookup.

And then there’s Charlotte, who simply isn’t sorry for accidentally tripping Harry in a game of doubles. Whether this turns into an actual fight about a deeper issue remains to be seen.

So, Carrie’s back on the town, Miranda’s spiraling, and Charlotte’s trying to teach someone a lesson. Despite all the messiness — or maybe because of it — this promo finally feels like classic SATC.

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