Amy Schumer And Her BF Are Obsessed With Each Other, And Here's Proof

Amy Schumer might be besties with an Oscar winner and dating a delicious furniture craftsman, but that doesn't mean she isn't still the ride-or-die woman of the people we've come to know and love.

Yes, OK. Amy had, without a doubt, the most successful year of her entire career thus far, but she stays keeping it really, really, really, really real.

Even her relationship is low-key natural. Boyfriend Ben Hanisch sells custom furniture by day and spends time with his lady love by night, just like any average American romantic.

1. They cuddle.

Who doesn't hit up his or her boo daily for a tight squeeze? Amy and Ben are no different. They love a good snuggle session. Cute!

2. They ring in the new year.

The new year is a time for couples to celebrate the 365 days of passion and appreciation ahead. Amy and Ben likely shared a kiss at midnight, but then again, what couple didn't?!

3. They walk on the beach.

Ahh, the ocean. Who isn't guilty of strolling hand in hand with his or her partner, secretly planning a beach wedding in his or her mind? Amy and Ben do it, too!

4. They hike.

Exercise sucks, but exercise with a date is worth it! Spending time with someone you love cuts the agony of chafing, exhaustion and profuse sweatiness in half. Amy and Ben also stay fit in tandem!

5. They are invited as special guests to the White House.

Mixing lovers and politics can be stressful, but the moment your boo and Obama get along is the best payoff! Admit it, you definitely strolled up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave with some arm candy, hoping to make out in the Lincoln Bedroom.

More often, it seems, you find yourself staring at your lover across the dining room table while the first lady tells that story about the raccoon trapped in the kitchen for the 500th time. Amy and Ben could probably recite that story from memory!

6. They do date night after the Golden Globe Awards.

The best test love can pass? Spending hours in the same room as Leonardo DiCaprio and still only having eyes for your one-and-only.

Just like you and me, Amy and Ben spent Sunday evening together after the Golden Globe Awards, laughing into their glasses of Champagne about every time Jennifer Lawrence squeaked out a stealthy fart or Mel Gibson's leathery corpse insisted on taking the stage. You know, normal couple stuff!

Could this duo BE more homespun? Honestly, it's like looking in a damn mirror.