Cody Fern on FX's 'American Horror Story' Season 10

Cody Fern Is Finally Back In This AHS Episode 9 Promo

We've all been waiting.


American Horror Story is going intergalactic this season, and the only way to make things creepier would be to bring in a fan-favorite notorious for playing the Big Bad. AHS alumnus Cody Fern is finally making his Season 10 debut, and from the look of things, his new character is chilling as ever. The American Horror Story Season 10, Episode 9 promo showed a brief clip of Fern making a very dramatic — and possibly deadly — arrival.

Since the second half of American Horror Story: Double Feature is only two episodes in, there’s still a whole lot of story left to uncover. So far, viewers know “Death Valley” centers around aliens being integrated into American history (love that for us). The first two episodes split between the 1950s, when the aliens first made contact with the government, and modern times.

According to AHS, back in the ‘50s, alien life made contact with the U.S. government and the president made some sort of deal to help them replenish their species. It seems like whatever this deal entailed is still in effect in modern times, because a group of young adults (two of whom were cis males) all got mysteriously and rapidly pregnant after a visit to the desert. A peek at the Episode 9 promo has fans thinking Fern’s character might be behind this whole thing.

Up until now, it wasn’t really clear who — or what — was leading the aliens’ attempts to replenish their species. The promo, however, shows the president looking extremely frightened and saying, “He’s here,” before a creepily calm Fern enters the Oval Office. Fern’s character, dressed in a suit, tells the president (in a robotic voice, I might add) he knew the president was expecting him.

There are still a lot of mysteries surrounding Season 10 — such as if/how the aliens will tie into the vampires of the first half of the season and/or the aliens from Season 2 — but it looks like Fern’s arrival might shine a little more light onto what this all means for the fate of American Horror Story, and possibly humanity itself.

The new episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature will air on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 13, before becoming available to stream on Hulu the next day.