'American Horror Story: Double Feature' is giving twice the DIY Halloween costume inspiration this y...

7 DIY American Horror Story: Double Feature Halloween Costumes

There are so many good options.


American Horror Story is always a reliable source for Halloween costume inspo, but this year is extra special. For its tenth season, the horror franchise hit fans with a double serving of monsters, murderers, and creepy creatures. AHS superfans are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking a costume from the show for this spooky season, and these DIY American Horror Story: Double Feature Halloween costumes are a quick and easy way to scare up the perfect look.

For the first time ever, AHS dropped two seasons in one this year with its dual-part Double Feature. The first six episodes of the season, called “Red Tide,” revealed how the beachside Provincetown became overrun by vampiric Pale creatures, and the final four episodes, “Death Valley,” centered on an alien invasion. Each half was also packed with a sprawling cast of AHS mainstays, like Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock, and Angelica Ross, all embodying fascinating new characters. Honestly, given all the wild stuff that went down in both parts of Double Feature, there is a ton of Halloween costume potential. So if you’re still looking for the perfect look to spook your AHS-loving friends, check out some of these DIY ideas that are sure to inspire you.

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1. AHS Pale Creature DIY Halloween Costume


The Pale creatures in “Red Tide” are undoubtedly the most disturbing new monster introduced this season. And thankfully, it’s not too difficult to recreate their iconic look. While finding a large black trenchcoat with those signature pointy shoulders is a challenge, you can easily just pick up a regular black trench and stuff the shoulders yourself.

Of course, you’re also going to need a bald cap to really be a Pale.

As for the sharp, shark-like teeth, you can either just pop in some of those cheap plastic vampire teeth that are at every Halloween store, or if you really want to go for it, you can order a higher-end set of fake teeth for a higher price.

2. AHS Tuberculosis Karen DIY Halloween Costume


Sarah Paulson undergoes a massive transformation every season of AHS, and “Red Tide” is one of her biggest. To dress as Tuberculosis Karen, you need to get a short, dirty blonde wig. Since wig shops don’t really sell dirty, disheveled hair, you might have to dirty it up yourself a bit.

Top the wig off with a gray beanie like the one Karen wears, and then throw on a large winter jacket to complete the look.

3. AHS Belle Noir DIY Halloween Costume


It’s not easy to match Belle Noir’s old Hollywood glam on a budget, but you can get by with a few lookalike items. It’ll take some styling and a good amount of hairspray, but a short white wig can be shaped to match Belle’s structured updo.

And at least you can be comfy while in costume by wearing a patterned caftan that would totally be in Belle’s wardrobe.

To push the look even more, add the sharp teeth from the Pale costume section, and carry a glass of red wine with you.

4. AHS Doris Gardner DIY Halloween Costume


Poor Doris. The tortured designer was put through the wringer more than anyone on “Red Tide,” and most of that time she was worriedly wandering around the house in her cardigan and nightgown.

Of course, she was also in her third trimester of pregnancy for the bulk of the show, so adding a pregnant belly will help let AHS fan know you’re dressed as Doris.

5. AHS Alma Gardner DIY Halloween Costume


Alma may have been the creepiest character in all of “Red Tide.” She didn’t really have a signature look, but you can embody her by relying on props. Pick up a toy violin for cheap so you don’t have to spend excess cash on a real one.

Then, put some black pills in a canister to denote her obsession with the mysterious pharmaceuticals. You can buy natural pills that happen to be black, like black seed oil capsules, or purchase empty black pill capsules from a medical supply outlet.

6. AHS Alien DIY Halloween Costume


No need to overthink it when it comes to the central monster of “Death Valley.” There are plenty of alien costumes readily available for Halloween, some of which look just like the aliens from AHS.

7. AHS Maria Wycoff DIY Halloween Costume


The first iconic moment of “Death Valley” was definitely seeing possessed housewife Maria Wycoff float through Area 51 to confront President Eisenhower. Recreate her twisted ‘50s housewife getup by pairing a white blouse with a long white skirt.

Then, pop in a pair of cloudy white contact lenses to deliver the creepy twist.

There are tons of different ways to tackle all these AHS looks, so give Double Feature a watch and start thinking about the best ways to bring your fave character to life.