Get Ready For Some Creepy Alien Childbirth In This New AHS Teaser

So... this is happening.

The second half of American Horror Story: Double Feature has only just begun, but it’s already incredibly creepy. As previous trailers and posters had promised, the final portion of Double Feature is all about aliens, and the first “Death Valley” episode revealed it will be told with a split timeline, jumping back and forth between first contact with the aliens in the 1950s and a modern-day invasion. The initial episode introduced viewers to the new cast of characters, and in the American Horror Story Season 10, Episode 8 promo, things start to get bloody.

The final moment of the first “Death Valley” episode saw reunited friends Kendall, Cal, Troy, and Jamie all discovering they are mysteriously pregnant after a bizarre trip to the desert. Episode 8, which it titled “Inside,” will follow up on the strange pregnancies, which will apparently advance much faster than nine months. The teaser shows Kendall and Troy screaming on operating tables in a bright, white room as aliens operate on them. Since the room is full of pregnant men and women, it’s safe to assume Cal and Jamie are there as well, and that they will all be giving birth to alien babies.

The clip also teases the reason behind the inexplicable pregnancies. In the 1954 storyline, the possessed housewife Maria explains to President Dwight D. Eisenhower that her world is dying, so she and her people are looking to create something better. It sounds like these pregnancies are the aliens’ way of populating the Earth after the destruction of their home planet.

Of course, the biggest mystery of all is still left unanswered by this teaser. Fans still have no clue how the two Double Feature stories will connect, although there is a prominent fan theory. Most viewers are assuming Angelica Ross’ “Red Tide” character, known only as the Chemist, developed her black pill while working at Area 51 with the “Death Valley” aliens. The new story’s opening credits confirmed Ross will be in the second half of Double Feature, but did not reveal if she will be reprising her role as the Chemist or playing a new character. Ross has yet to appear in “Death Valley,” so fans will have to keep theorizing until she eventually makes her debut.

The new episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature will air on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 6, before becoming available to stream on Hulu the next day.