'American Horror Story' fans think Adeline is secretly alive in 'Delicate.'

This Theory About A Wild AHS: Delicate Twist Is So Convincing

I'm totally sold on this.


It only took one episode for American Horror Story superfans to cook up a theory that’s just so wild, it’s probably true. The new season, Delicate, centers on a buzzy actor named Anna (Emma Roberts) whose pregnancy keeps facing mysterious issues. And one character in particular may be the key to figuring the whole thing out — at least, that’s what fans are already thinking. And honestly, the theory makes a lot of sense, in its weird AHS sort of way.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses details from Episode 1 of American Horror Story: Delicate. The suspicious character in question is Dex’s ex-wife Adeline. In the premiere, he mentions that his former wife died in a terrible accident, with later scenes implying that she burned alive when her restaurant caught on fire. But things started to get extremely sus when Dex’s friends commented on how much his new artist client Sonia resembles Adeline. Yep, you can probably already guess where the theory is going.

Could Sonia actually be Adeline, having adopted a new identity after faking her death? That’s the prominent fan theory after the premiere, and there are some good reasons to buy into it. The most obvious one is the casting. Annabelle Dexter-Jones is portraying both Sonia and Adeline this season.


Sonia’s scenes in the first episode could also hint at her motive for faking her death. Her artwork is made from her menstrual blood, which may be an early clue that she struggled with fertility issues. Perhaps she and Dex came up with an elaborate scheme to finally have a baby after years of failed attempts: Adeline would fake her death, allowing Dex to move on with a wealthy, fertile new wife. Then, once Dex’s new wife gets pregnant, he and Adeline can take the baby for themselves at long last.

Of course, there’s going to be a lot more to this season than just a possible not-so-dead wife reveal — it also looks like some sort of demonic cult is interested in Anna’s baby. Could Adeline be one of the leaders of this terrifying group? We’ll find out more as new episodes of AHS: Delicate drop Wednesday nights on FX, and stream the next day on Hulu.