The Alligator Loki in 'Loki' is known as Lokigator to his fans

Loki Introduced An Adorable New Creature And Twitter Is Obsessed

Baby Yoda is shaking.

by Ani Bundel
Marvel Studios

When Loki’s fourth episode ended, fans were rewarded by getting to meet more new Lokis. The series was making a habit of doubling the Loki count every couple of episodes: Episode 1 had one Loki; Episode 2 added a second, and so on. But the more Lokis the series added, the weirder they got. At first, it was just “Lady Loki,” “Young Loki,” and “Classic Loki.” But by the time the show was reaching Loki No. 6, it began giving characters like Alligator Loki. But you know what? Fans are not complaining. These tweets about Alligator Loki, or Lokigator to his fans, prove that whenever Disney+ needs a new hit, all that’s needed is a cute green character.

Warning: Spoilers for Loki Season 1, Episode 5 follow. With Sylvie left behind in TVA headquarters and Loki off on his own on a Void planet surrounded by nothing but other Lokis, Loki Episode 5 was set up to get a bit weird. Not only were there variations on the Loki theme, like Young Loki and Classic Loki, but also new Lokis heretofore unseen in comics or TV series, like Boastful Loki and President Loki.

However, there was one Loki who immediately took the internet by storm: Lokigator, the reptile version of the God of Mischief who the TVA arrested after he ate the wrong neighbor’s cat.

Unfortunately, Marvel missed the memo about the character’s unofficial nickname and went with #AlligatorLoki as the hashtag instead of the fan-approved #Lokigator.

No matter, though. The fandom was happy to tweet about the scaly Loki all the same. If you thought the internet loved Tom Hiddleston’s version of Loki, just wait until you see its reaction to the version that hails from the swamp.

Although Lokigator does not exist in the Marvel comics, reptile characters from the Thor franchise do. Specifically, there’s Frog Thor, known as Throg, introduced in 1986’s Thor #364. ICYMI, Loki Episode 5 made sure to reference the ribbiting variant with a Throg in a jar.

But mostly fans were just overjoyed to see the strangest version of Loki yet get some action.

That may be the end of Lokigator’s time on the show, but fans hope he might come back with Young Loki for more adventures. Perhaps Avengers 5’s subtitle can be The Young and the Amphibious.

Loki continues to stream episodes once a week on Wednesdays on Disney+.