This Tiny Detail About Alexandra Gave Away A Huge Detail About Her Age

by Anna Menta
Jessica Miglio/Netflix

Marvel's The Defenders is officially out on Netflix today, Aug 18, which means I'm officially not going outside this weekend. But have you guys gotten to Episode 3 yet? (If not, maybe don't read this — mild spoilers ahead.) It turns out Sigourney Weaver's character, Alexandra, might be even crazier than we thought.  This one line in the opening scene of Episode 3 has Defenders fans wondering: Just how old is Alexandra?

Alexandra may be played by 67-year-old acclaimed actress Sigourney Weaver, but in Episode 3 she hinted she might be a lot older than 67. The episode opens with Alexandra enjoying a fine meal at a Turkish restaurant. The waiter nervously anticipates Alexandra's reaction to the meal, and is relieved when she declares it "excellent." Then she says,

Please tell your wife she makes it even better than they did in Constantinople.

The waiter corrects her — Istanbul is the name of the most populous city in Turkey, and has been since around the 1920s. "Constantinople" was the city's ancient name. At this correction, Alexandra just smiles a knowing little smile and sips her wine. So ummmm, is Alexandra from ancient times? Is Sigourney Weaver a powerful immortal being? Please oh please let Sigourney Weaver be a powerful immortal being!

Jessica Miglio/Netflix

You know, this could also explain how Alexandra seems to know everything about anything — like music for example. I thought she was just an intellectual smarty pants at first, but maybe her intimate knowledge of composers like Beethoven and Brahms isn't because she read about these guys, but because she knew them.

Of course, we also learn in Episode 3 that Alexandra has died before, and presumably been brought back to life by the same method with which she resurrected Elektra. And now she has this fatal disease and seems terrified of dying again. What could be so scary to someone who lived through Constantinople? I'll guess we'll have to keep watching to find out.