The First ‘Defenders’ Trailer Is Here Because We Need More Jessica Jones In Our Lives


It's here! Finally! Netflix just dropped the first official trailer for its upcoming superhero meet-up series, "The Defenders," and I've already watched it 10 times because I missed Jessica Jones soooo much!

I mean, I like the other Defenders to varying degrees, but Jessica is really the only fun and most badass part of this whole franchise, and we've been without her for way too long.

It's been a year and a half since the first season of "Jessica Jones" aired, and now the wise-cracking, superpowered private investigator is finally back and teaming up with "Daredevil" star Matt Murdoch, "Luke Cage" star Luke Cage and Danny Rand from "Iron Fist" in the biggest Marvel collabo since the "Avengers."

The two-and-a-half minute trailer shows us the Defenders all meeting each other for the first time: lawyer Matt Murdoch signs on as Jessica Jones' attorney to defend her in a police investigation, and Luke Cage gets into an all-out brawl with Iron Fist before realizing they're on the same side.

But before the Luke-Danny fight ends, we get to see what happens when Danny's supercharged fist comes in contact with Luke's unbreakable face. It's a scene the will remind fans of Thor's hammer hitting Captain America's shield in "The Avengers."


And then out of nowhere... here comes Sigourney Weaver! The trailer finally gives us our first look at Sigourney's character, Alexandra, who will be the villain of the series.

We still don't know much about Alexandra, but she's definitely a powerful woman, as we see her commanding the attention of all the Defenders.


And the four Defenders aren't the only familiar faces we see in the trailer. Daredevil's mentor, Stick, pops up to drop some knowledge on the gang, so that's nice. But the bigger return is Elektra, who we saw die at the end of the last season of "Daredevil."  She sure ain't dead anymore!!

We only get a couple glimpses of Elektra in the trailer, but we know she's definitely not on the good guys' side anymore, as we see her rough up her former ally Matt Murdoch.

As a reminder, we did see the ancient evil group The Hand attempting to revive Elektra at the very end of "Daredevil," so it looks like they got her on their side.


All that action aside, definitely the best parts of the trailer are Jessica Jones roasting all these super-dudes and just generally DGAF-ing all over the place.

She clearly has no time for Daredevil from the get-go and has no trouble letting him know that she looks way better in her scarf than he does.


And in the very end, the whole gang sits around a table and watches as Iron Fist excitedly goes on and on about how cool it is that they're all teaming up. Jessica gives him the most scathing side-eye the whole time and then just shuts him down. I'm so ready for this!

"The Defenders" premieres on Netflix on August 18.