Alex Rodriguez's reported reaction to Jennifer Lopez's wedding was mature.

Here’s How A-Rod Reportedly Feels About J. Lo And Ben’s Surprise Wedding

Let’s check in with the ex, shall we?

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J-Rod may be over, but the drama will live on forever. Amid all the celebrating of Bennifer’s triumphant walk down the aisle (which was technically a drive through the ~tunnel of love~), there is one question that keeps coming up: How does Alex Rodriguez feel about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding? Though the former MLB player may have stayed quiet on the nuptials so far, a source revealed his suuuper mature (😉) approach to his ex’s new relationship status.

He’s happy for her and happy that she’s with the person she’s meant to be with,” a source told Us Weekly on July 18. “He’s in a new relationship now and is happy as well. He’s traveling all over and living his best life. He’s really focused on family, his career, and what he’s got going on.” (He has been reportedly dating 25-year-old fitness model Kathryne Padgett since early 2022, and apparently “sparks [have been] flying.”)

This isn’t the first time A-Rod’s totally chill and not-upset-at-all attitude has come up in regards to Bennifer 2.0. On July 13, Rodriguez appeared on an episode of The Martha Stewart Show podcast and spoke openly (well, kinda) about their breakup. According to A-Rod, he had “no regrets” about how their romance went down. “Look, we had a great time,” he told Martha Stewart, per Page Six. “More importantly, we always put the kids front and center in everything we do.”

On The JLo

According to an insider, Lopez is also not too worried about A-Rod anymore. Following reports of Rodriguez’s romance with Padgett, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Lopez was completely unfazed. “Jen is focused on herself and doesn't even think twice about A-Rod or his current love life. She wishes [Alex] the best, but it's not something that bothers her or takes up space in her mind whatsoever,” the insider said. “She just wants everyone to be happy, whatever that might entail."

Who knows? Maybe Rodriguez and Padgett will have their own surprise Vegas elopement someday soon.