Alec Baldwin's Impression Of Trump On 'SNL' Is Like Therapy For America


The "SNL" version of the Trump and Hillary chaos is everything.

Seeing Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton during the opening season of "Saturday Night Live" was like watching the presidential debate all over again.

The "SNL" cast may have been spoon fed material this year from the ridiculous debate (RIP America), but there's something about watching the debates in parody form that's weirdly comforting. (We're all gonna get through this election season together!)

Also, kudos to Michael Che, who played debate moderator Lester Holt as the ultimate straight-faced man to Baldwin and McKinnon's ridiculous characters.

He asked a handful of the same questions the candidates were actually asked during the first debate.

The first one was about how each candidate would create more jobs.

Baldwin said,

I've got a very presidential answer for this. Our jobs are fleeing this country. They're going to Mexico. They're going to Jina. I would stop that. If Hillary knew how, she would have done it already. Period. End of story. I won the debate, I stayed calm, just like I promised, and it is over. Goodnight Hofstra.

I truly love Baldwin's pronunciation of "China" as "Jina" in this sketch. Hilarious.

Baldwin nailed Trump's orange face and weird AF hair.

Of course the debate wouldn't have been complete without the constant interruptions, straight up lies and of course, the sniffing into the microphone.

At one point, Baldwin says,

My microphone is broken. She broke it. With Obama... Can you hear that, I think it's somebody sniffing here.

I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but several of Baldwin's lines were taken from actual things that Trump said verbatim.

At the end, when Che told them to make their closing statements, Baldwin said he had something "very rough" to say about Clinton -- but held back, which is something Trump really said during the debate last Monday.

I'm telling you. This sketch wrote itself.

And even though Baldwin's Trump is a little obvious, let's not forget that the guy he's impersonating is a walking, talking parody of himself.

Emmy award winner Kate McKinnon, who has played Hillary Clinton for the last few seasons, killed it during this sketch too.

She's been playing Clinton for years and I have no doubt we'll continue to see hilarious performances from her.

That victory shoulder shimmy is one for the books, people.

Thankfully, we'll also see a lot more of Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, since he's set to play him for the first half of the 42nd season of "SNL."

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