The Best Part Of The First Presidential Debate Was Obviously The Memes


If there's one thing that you could've counted on going into Monday night's unpredictable debate, it's that the internet would be ready to deliver the memes. And deliver it did.

Between all the amazing visuals granted to us by the split-screen view, the quotable one-liners and the gaffes, Twitter had a field day with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's first battle.

To put it bluntly, the memes were just about the funniest and best part of the debate, and we have the cream of the crop right here.

Hillary Clinton's facial expressions.

Hillary's debate shimmy was by far her funniest single moment of the night, but her facial expressions throughout the discussion were golden. — WSHH FANS (@WSHHFANS) September 27, 2016



And when Hillary started getting on the topic of how Trump handles his money, things got really interesting.

"Let's talk about race."

When Lester Holt prompted Trump and Clinton to talk about race, it instantly became the most side-eye filled segment of the night. Between Clinton calling out Trump's legal battles against the Department of Justice and Trump calling her out for using the term "super predators," there was plenty of shade to go around.

Trump: "I think I've developed a great relationship with the black community" — (@Nuri_Matthew) September 27, 2016

They even got a hold of Bernie Sanders.

All Bernie Sanders was trying to do was engage in a communal excitement for the debate with this tweet.

It's #debatenight so it's time to #DebateWithBernie. — Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) September 27, 2016

Instead, he ended up meme-ing himself:

We all know Bernie wanted to come on stage like...

And in case you were wondering how Obama was watching this at home, the internet had that covered, too.

And then there's undecided Twitter...

We all know there are a whole bunch of people who are indifferent about both candidates and pretty much sick that they have to choose between the two. But the end of Monday night's debate, they were probably as tired as Lester Holt.

Can't wait for the encore.