Alara and Jessica from 'Perfect Match' Season 2 got real about the struggles with Stevan and Harry.

Alara & Jess Accuse Their Perfect Match Boyfriends Of "Love Bombing"

The season is over, but the mess is just beginning.


The honeymoon phase wore off fast for the stars of Perfect Match Season 2. Even the couple that seemed to be the strongest, Alara Taneri and Stevan Ditter, had a very messy breakup after the show... which has become a common theme among all the contestants. Looking back on her short-lived romance now, Alara seems to be coming to terms with the “love bombing” she and her castmates experienced.

It should be pretty telling that Alara’s first post after Season 2’s finale aired was about a toxic dating trend. “Reading up on how to spot love bombing,” she wrote beneath a photo of her looking through a magazine. In the comments, Jessica Vestal indicated she had the same problem on the show, “Pass it to me next pls.”

It’s not difficult to see how both Alara and Jess probably felt love bombed after forming strong connections with Stevan and Harry Jowsey, respectively. Stevan and Alara seemed head-over-heels for each other the entire time, and although Harry and Jess dealt with a lot of ups and downs, they also managed to work through the drama and stay together, even briefly reconnecting after the show. But once the cameras were gone, so was the passion.


Jessica said she and Harry ended things on good terms, even if it was sudden. But Alara had a different experience. She shared in a Netflix featurette that Stevan ghosted her after a trip together post-filming.

“After the show we went on holiday, and it was amazing. He promised me that we’d be together and get an apartment. And then it just — well, yeah, he ghosted me,” she said. “I was ready to move to LA, or he was ready to come to London. We were looking at apartments. And he sent me a massive paragraph saying, ‘You deserve so much better. I’m not in the right headspace right now. I’ve got so much going on.’ And obviously, what am I going to do? I’m going to block him. So that’s what I did.”

Alara wasn’t the only contestant to be ghosted by her Perfect Match boyfriend. Elys Hutchinson also shared that she was ghosted “very randomly and unexpectedly” by Bryton Constantin after the show.