Adele Knew Exactly How To Recover From That Grammys Fail

by Nina Ruggiero
Getty Images


Let's be honest: We all suffered through the Grammys Monday night just for the promise Adele would massage our eardrums and soothe our aching hearts.

But when she finally took the stage to sing "All I Ask," looking perfect in a dress that matched the wine we were chugging while preparing to text our exes, something terrible happened.

The sound cut out, depriving us of Adele's precious voice for a moment that felt like years and triggered memories of all the times someone we loved let us down.

OK, I'm being dramatic. Take it from Adele herself: It was no big deal, you guys. Chill.

You heard it here. Sh*t happens. Dry your tears yourselves because Adele is sick of doing it for you all the damn time.

But what do you do when said sh*t does happen? You get a Double-Double and some fries, Animal Style. F*cking duh.

Hell, throw in a milkshake. It's the Grammys. And, while you're at it, don't forget a soda for the poor stagehand who probably just got fired.