Adam Sandler won over fans with his casual look at the 2022 People's Choice Awards

Twitter Is Obsessed With Adam Sandler's Lazy North Face 'Fit At The PCAs

Fans love the disheveled lewk.

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Usually awards shows are a reason to dress up, but in Adam Sandler’s case, he took the 2022 People’s Choice Awards as an opportunity to show off a lazy-chic lewk. Fashion Twitter and comedy Twitter alike couldn’t stop talking about Sandler’s 2022 PCAs ‘fit.

Sandler won the award for Comedy Movie Star of 2022 at the PCAs on Dec. 6, 2022 for his role in the movie Hustle. Fellow actor and comedian (and Sandler’s good friend) David Spade presented the award to Sandler, who showed up onstage wearing a simple floral shirt and a North Face jacket. He looked like he could have been any random guy just walking down the street who happened to stumble onto the 2022 PCAs stage, which actually seems to be his style all the time.

But, even if it is Sandler’s typical look, fans on Twitter still could not get over just how casual Sandler was as he accepted his award at the 2022 PCAs. According to Twitter, Adam Sandler became a new style icon when he took the 2022 PCAs stage. Read on for some of the fans’ best tweets.

Sandler actually made a comment about fashion while accepting his PCA, although it wasn’t about his own fashion choices. Before launching into his acceptance speech, Sandler called out Spade for dressing casually. “David, you gotta dress up for these things,” he told him.

Spade was dressed pretty similarly to Sandler, in his own floral shirt and North Face jacket. The only thing that made Spade’s look even more casual than Sandler’s was the addition of a disposable coffee cup, but they still looked like two peas in a pod. Sandler seemed to realize that by amending his statement after a second look at Spade. “You know, you do look cool,” he said.

The good news for fans who want to emulate Sandler and replicate his look is that unlike most red carpet style, his North Face outfit is readily available at any mall near you.

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