These Were The Wildest TV Cliffhangers Of 2021

Raise your hand if these left you shook.

by Ani Bundel

The year 2021 continued 2020’s trend of using TV as escapism. And boy, did the storylines provide, with twists and turns and endings no one saw coming. Here are 2021's wildest TV cliffhanger endings fans need answers to in 2022.

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Only Murders In The Building Season 1

The podcasting trio solved the whodunnit of Tim Kono, only to find themselves accused of the subsequent murder inside their apartment complex walls. How will they prove their innocence? And where will they record new episodes?


This Is Us Season 5

With only 18 episodes to go in the entire series, This Is Us Season 5 ended with Madison leaving Kevin at the altar, only to be BFFs with him five years in the future at Kate’s next wedding. But how is Kate’s new groom her boss, Philip?!


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Season 2

The beloved cult series ended its second season by revealing Zoey’s love interest, Max, could also see people’s feelings via musical numbers. Unfortunately, it’s not a concept fans will get to explore further, because the show was canceled.


Gossip Girl Season 1

Season 1 ended with Kate, Jordan, and Wendy putting those who’d betrayed their friends on blast, seemingly giving up GG’s anonymous power. But then Julien promised to help bring more gossip on one condition, which fans will see in Season 2.


Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 1

After failing to murder her husband, Kevin, Allison’s friendship with Patty was over until Patty’s brother, Neil, revealed he knew Allison’s plan. Patty choosing her BFF over her sibling was great, but how will they handle Neil in Season 2?


Loki Season 1

After Loki failed to stop Sylvie from murdering He Who Remains, the timeline changed. The TVA is now run by Kang, Sylvie is missing, and, worst of all, no one remembers Loki. Will the Doctor Strange film fix all this, or must fans wait for Loki Season 2?

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You Season 3

It’s not a shock that Joe got away with murder. The finale saw him escape domestic bliss and twist it to look like Love offed both him and herself. But giving baby Henry to a couple who wanted a child? Decency from Joe? Now there’s your shock cliffhanger ending.


American Gods Season 3

The troubled TV series ended a third season that mostly righted the ship and left Shadow Moon dying in a messianic sacrifice. But sadly, it’s a cliffhanger he’ll never be rescued from, because STARZ canceled the series.


Ted Lasso Season 2

It was Ted Lasso’s most controversial moment when Nate ripped down the “Believe” sign on his way out the door after betraying his mentor. Although the team rallied, fans were heartsick over the relationship cliffhanger.


Succession Season 3

At long last, the Roy siblings finally formed a united front to take down patriarch Logan Roy. But they arrived at their would-be-coup to find their father sold Waystar, and Tom was the one who tipped Logan off.

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