Annie Murphy as Allison, Mary Hollis Inboden as Patty will be back in 'Kevin Can F*** Himself' Seas...

Kevin Can F*** Himself Again In Season 2

Because the world needs more Annie Murphy.

Jojo Whilden/AMC

Fans of Annie Murphy already knew you can’t keep the woman behind”A Little Bit Alexis” down. Now, AMC has agreed by renewing her series, Kevin Can F*** Himself, for a second season. The series, which was a delightfully bizarre twist-up of sitcom hilarity and prestige TV darkness, ended on a cliffhanger, but it wasn’t set in stone that the series would get a chance to tell Kevin to screw himself some more. Lucky for everyone, Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 2 will be heading our way, so raise your middle fingers in triumph.

Warning: Spoilers for Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 1 follow. AMC’s series initially billed itself as the next in a line of series that uses sitcom life tropes as a metaphor for a trap. Like both Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s final season and WandaVision, the promise of perfect domesticity hides a monster in the center of the story. In this case, it’s Kevin, the technical star of the world in which they live. Annie’s character, Allison, married him, believing that she wanted to live in this perfect circus, one half of the couple that’s the center of attention. But a decade in, she’s discovered wedded bliss was a lie; she’s married to a controlling abuser who has wrecked any chance of her having independence. From jobs to schooling to friends, he’s taken any opportunity she’s had away from her, leaving her utterly unable to escape.

This being television, she does the sensible thing and tries to murder him, slowly bringing the tomboy of the crowd, Patty, over to her side. But her efforts fail, and by the end of the season, her and Patty’s friendship has dissolved, much like any other chance she’s had at happiness.

Unfortunately, Kevin’s BFF, the buffoonish Neil, turned out not to be as dumb as he seems, and realized Allison is trying to kill the only thing he has in his life. He attempted to strangle Allison — only for Patty to rush in at the last minute and save her, ordering Neil to keep his mouth shut.

With the majority of the household now in on Allison’s murderous leanings (save Kevin and his equally obnoxious father), fans have many questions about where Season 2 is headed. Here’s what we know.

Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 2 Renewal

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On Aug. 27, 2021, about a month after Kevin Can F*** Himself’s finale, AMC announced it would move ahead with a Season 2 order. Fans had been concerned about the show’s continuation, as the series was not a major mover on the broadcast cable channel. But on the streaming service, AMC+, where it technically debuted first, the series was a hit, with AMC Networks calling it “the biggest new series launch in the history of the service” and “the most-watched series on AMC+” according to Deadline.

Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 2 Cast

Murphy will return for the second season of Kevin as Allison, the long-suffering wife of the titular character. Mary Hollis Inboden will also be back as Allison’s BFF, Patty, with whom she now has an unshakable bond. Alex Bonifer plays Neil O’Connor, Patty’s brother and now the third person in the group to know about Allison’s plans.

Also presumably returning for another season: Eric Petersen as Kevin McRoberts, the man-baby Allison is saddled with, and Brian Howe as Peter McRoberts, Kevin’s father, with whom Allison is also basically saddled.

Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 2 Plot

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Although there is no official synopsis for the new season, Dan McDermott, president of original programming for AMC Networks, said in a statement from the network about the second season: “It’s Kevin’s world, Allison’s just living in it. Or is she?”

What that means, time will only tell. Perhaps this will be the season Allison gives Kevin the old heave-ho.

Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 2 Release Date

AMC Networks did not confirm a specific release date for Season 2. However, the announcement said the second season was expected to debut with eight more episodes on AMC and AMC+ in 2022.

All eight episodes of Kevin Can F*** Himself Season 1 are streaming on AMC+.