This $1,200 'Human Flesh' Jacket Takes Fashion To Disturbing New Levels

There's a lot of things you can do with $1,200.

You can buy one of Kanye's homeless-chic sweaters or splurge on a basic-ass Canada Goose coat.

Or, if you're looking to embrace your inner Buffalo Bill, you can blow your paycheck on a terrifying skin suit that looks like something straight out of a horror movie.


That's right. We recently came across a $1,200 "human flesh" jacket on Etsy, and you might want to cover your eyes because this realistic-looking skin jacket will seriously make you want to vom.

Not to mention, it'll give you nightmares about serial killers for the rest of eternity.

No really, I'm not kidding. This jacket might actually be even more disturbing than that hideous BDSM vagina mask that was sold on Etsy.


If you wondering who on Earth is responsible for this scary AF style — the jacket, not the vagina — Kayla Arena and Toby Barron are the twisted creators of this horrifying human flesh ensemble.

They purposely designed the jacket to look as if it was fashioned from human flesh — and they did a pretty damn good job because this creepy jacket is seriously convincing.


Arena and Barron fittingly named this disturbing ensemble the "'Ed' Gein" jacket, in honor of one of America's most infamous serial killers, Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein.

Gein originally made headlines when police discovered he was using the skin and bones from dug-up human corpses to create odd furniture. However, you can rest assure that Arena and Barron didn't rob any graves for this grotesque outfit.


Instead, they decided to take the legal (and much better-smelling route) by hand-sewing latex and silicone onto the jacket in order to achieve the perfect dead person's skin appearance.

If you're looking to scare the shit out of everyone around you (and quite possibly be labeled as a psycho serial killer) with a style that just screams for attention, you can order one of these custom human flesh jackets on Etsy for the low price of just $1,200.


According to their Etsy selling page, the jackets are handmade by Arena and this "very gruesome skin jacket will make sure you stand out in the crowd, this is the only jacket made of this kind."

Hmmm... I can't imagine why?

Oh, and while you're on there, you can also check out their equally horrifying human flesh accessories and matching Ed Gein shoes.

Now if you would please excuse me for a moment, I need find Will Smith and beg him to erase my memory.

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