This Woman Who Bought A Bouncy House With Her Rejected Date's Credit Card Is Our New Hero


Weirdly, I have never had a man just send me a picture of his credit card and tell me to "buy anything." But, in a world where I was much cooler (and maybe hotter? and also single?), and this was actually something that was happening to me, I have a long list of things I would purchase: a condo, a dog, a condo for my dog, a designer purse, a yacht, a Range Rover, a driver to drive me around in my Range Rover. But this woman who bought a bouncy house when a guy sent her his card information had a whole different approach to things.

It all started when 17-year-old Leagan, from Texas, had an exchange with a guy that most women will find all too familiar. He asked her out and she said no. Simple stuff. You've been there. But things took a turn for the interesting when he retorted her hard pass on the date with a picture of his credit card and a note that said, "Just in case you ever need anything. Anything at all." Obviously, she was taken aback by the extreme gesture and had to confirm by shooting him a quick "hol up" text, to which he responded, "Anything your heart desires."

OK, so he made it abundantly clear that she could get anything. So what did she get? Like any self-respecting young adult would, she got a bouncy castle.

Of course, she then posted the entire thing on Twitter, where it went viral.

Some people didn't believe her.

But, obviously, our girl Leagan had the perfect response for her haters.

Honestly, her logic is foolproof.

Some people were inspired by her newfound fame.

But she has no time to go helping out these peasants.

She's already got VIP people trying to get on the waitlist for her hyped-up bouncy castle bash.

But don't worry; she's not being cliquey about the guest list.

More than anything, she's got a lot of fans, though.

Some people are annoyed with her for not sharing the wealth.

Others are admiring her for her frugality.

One person was even wondering why her tweet got so popular.

To which, she had the perfect response again (classic Leagan).

And even with her newfound fame, she's super nice to her fans.

Having a guy give me his credit card and telling me to buy "anything" would be enough of a whirlwind in and of itself. Then, purchasing a bouncy castle would be even more. THEN, HAVING TO DEAL WITH PLANNING MY BOUNCY CASTLE PARTY AND FIGURING OUT WHO TO INVITE?! OMG, I'm getting anxious just thinking about it.

Speaking to, Leagan explained that she attributes a lot of her tweets' success on her friends' involvement in sharing the post. As for why she chose the bounce house, her reasoning was pretty dang simple: According to Cosmo, Leagan "saw one at a birthday party on her drive home once and was inspired by it."

OK, so now, we get why she wanted to get a bouncy castle, but how did this dude react to her fulfilling this dream on his dime? Leagan told Cosmo, "He was understandably irritated with my purchase, but after realizing he did in fact say 'anything,' we were cool."

Now, for the important part, if you were wondering whether or not her bouncy castle party is actually a real thing that's happening (and if you should buy your ticket to Texas ASAP), rest assured it's happening. She said, "Anyone's welcome to come and I'll throw out the details once the bounce house arrives!" Ahhh! Bounce castle party, here we come, people!

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