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Victoria Paul dated country singer Teddy Robb before appearing on 'Bachelor In Paradise.'

Here's Who Victoria P. Really *Did* Date Before 'Paradise'

He's kinda famous.

Victoria Paul — better known as her Bachelor-generated shorthand “Victoria P.” — sent herself home on the Aug. 23 episode of Bachelor In Paradise. The drama started when contestants Tammy Ly and Kelsey Weier accused Victoria of having a boyfriend back home. Considering Kelsey and Victoria are close friends (and they both live in Nashville and hang out regularly), the allegation sounded pretty legit. So when they shared their unconfirmed intel with James Bonsall, the contestant that Victoria was beginning to build a connection with, things got messy and convoluted fast.

Although Victoria denied the accusations — she told James that she “dated someone from February until ... May” but was no longer attached — she eventually decided to leave the beach with some confusing final words. “I don’t need to search to find something that I already have at home,” she said to the camera. So did she come to Paradise single or not? TBH, at this point, I still have more questions than answers. Fortunately, one question has been answered: Who was Victoria P. dating pre-Paradise? The answer (supplied by Victoria P. herself) is country singer Teddy Robb.

After the episode aired, Victoria addressed the situation on Instagram, maintaining the fact that she and Teddy broke up well before her appearance on Paradise.


To clarify the sitch, Victoria shared a post from her Instagram Highlights from 12 weeks ago where she gave breakup advice to a fan. In it, she mentioned that she was also “currently walking through this season.” She tagged her ex in the IG Story, too, writing, “@teddyrobb and I broke up in May and we’ve remained great friends.” They even co-parent their adopted dog, Bobby, together.

For his part, Teddy also confirmed their breakup on his profile. He posted, “For those of y’all asking @victorianpaul and I dated before she went on @bachelorinparadise... It didn’t work out for us but we are on good terms and I wish her the best.”

OK, so now we know they dated. But what’s Teddy’s story? Per his website, he’s a country singer with a “laid-back voice that grabs you like the Colorado winter air and wraps you up in a blanket with someone you love next to a warm fire.” Poetic.

Although Victoria P. might be done with Paradise, I can’t help thinking that Teddy would fit in kind of perfectly with the Listen To Your Heart cast.