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Who is Peter Cornell? Here's what we know about 'Selling Sunset's unseen villain.

Introducing Peter Cornell, Christine & Emma’s Mysterious Ex That Shook Up Selling Sunset Season 4

What are the odds we see him in Season 5?

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Selling Sunset’s fourth season packed in the drama (no surprise), but one of the show’s biggest points of contention surrounded an event actually that happened years earlier. Enter Peter Cornell, Christine Quinn and Emma Hernan’s mutual ex who caused drama without ever appearing on-screen — and whose identity was only uncovered by sources after the season aired. In the show, Quinn claimed that Cornell dated both her and Hernan at the same time, and he reportedly proposed to both of them within five months of each other. Hernan, for her part, denied Quinn’s claim, explaining that there was no overlap between the two relationships. But first things first, who is Peter Cornell, the alleged two-timer?

Cornell is also part of The Oppenheim Group, where he works as a realtor and the director of the sports and entertainment division (he’s also a formal professional basketball player, so that checks out). According to Cornell’s profile on the company website, he “brings purpose, vision and boundless energy to each and every client and transaction.”

No word yet on if he brings that same level of passion to his relationships, but there is a history of considerable crossover between his professional and romantic life. (Elite Daily reached out to Cornell for comment on his reported relationships with Quinn and Hernan but didn’t hear back in time for publication.) IMO, having one co-worker as an ex has the potential to be messy, but having two — who might have overlapped — practically guarantees the drama. So let’s dive into it.

When Did Peter Cornell Date Christine Quinn?

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Quinn and Cornell’s relationship timeline is iffy — that’s part of the reason it sparked so much drama in Season 4 — but here’s what I do know. The duo went public with their relationship in February 2015, attending the premiere of Hot Tub Time Machine 2 together. According to Quinn, they dated for two and a half years, and they were still going (somewhat) strong in 2017 when he got with Hernan.

On the show, Quinn explained their breakup, “My ex-boyfriend was dating this girl at the same time he was dating me. I had no idea. I caught him red-handed during the day with her. So we broke up.”

Hernan also remembered the encounter, explaining, “I was leaving the gym with who I thought was my boyfriend, and [Quinn] pulled up with her friend and was like, ‘Who the f*ck is this?’ and started screaming, ‘This is my boyfriend.’” (Yikes.)

But was there truly an overlap in these two relationships? E! reports that Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald, who was close friends with both Quinn and Hernan at the time, claimed there was none.

When Did Peter Cornell Date Emma Hernan?


According to both Quinn and Hernan’s timelines, Hernan and Cornell dated in 2017, and they were engaged that same year. Per Cosmopolitan, Hernan had a celebratory engagement post from December 2017 (notably, it was taken with a friend, not Cornell).

If you believe Quinn’s version of Cornell’s relationship(s) timeline, this engagement happened only two months after she and Cornell broke up. She also claimed that he proposed to her five months before that. “I was with him for two and a half years, he proposed to me... And then he took the ring back,” she told Hernan. “You guys were engaged two months later, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, is that the ring he gave me?’ Because he took it back.”

Despite the drama with Quinn, it apparently didn’t affect Cornell and Hernan’s relationship too much at the time. However, they did amicably part ways in 2018, according to Page Six. Hernan’s rep told the outlet on Nov. 29, “There wasn’t any drama. It just wasn’t a right fit, but they’ve been friends ever since.”

Although Quinn and Hernan are reportedly “not on speaking terms” for the time being, per Us, here’s hoping that they’re able to find some common ground soon — and that it won’t involve having the same ex-boyfriend.