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 Who’s dating who after the ‘Love Is Blind’ finale?

Who’s Dating Who After The ‘Love Is Blind’ Finale? It Sounds Messy

OK, I’m intrigued.


The Love Is Blind Season 2 finale aired on Feb. 25, and the episode made it clear that not every couple got their happy ending... but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t find romance together post-production. Of the five couples that made it to their wedding day, only two — Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely; Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl — actually said “I do.” Assuming those couples have stayed together since filming wrapped (though anything is possible), that still leaves at least three couples’ relationship statuses unaccounted for: Deepti Vempati and Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee, and Salvador Perez and Mallory Perez. So who’s dating who after the Love Is Blind finale? On social media, rumors are flying that some of the castmates are now dating each other. It’s confusing — and, TBH, sounds pretty messy.

While fans wait for the reunion special, which is set to air on March 4, they’ve been keeping up with the Love Is Blind cast on social media. And it seems like the cast members are determined to spread as many rumors as possible. From flirty IG comments to confusing Stories, it’s hard to tell the difference between a blooming romance and a reunion special tease. Still, it’s worth exploring, so let’s dive in.

Is Deepti Dating Sal? Or Kyle?

After Deepti said “I do not” to Shake during their wedding, the couple went their separate ways. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s still single. Rumors of her finding love with another Love Is Blind cast member have been circulating her since the finale aired — but social media sleuths can’t agree on who the mystery man is (if she’s dating someone at all).

In an IG Story on the official Love Is Blind account, Deepti and Sal look very close for two friends. Plus, Deepti took to her own Instagram to share a selfie of the two of them with a not-too-subtle caption, “UnShakeable Vibes,” which sounded a lot like a diss at her ex-fiancé Shake.


And that’s not all. Sal also left a complimentary comment on Deepti’s recent Instagram: “Deeps is Queen.” Still, they could be just friends. Mallory, aka Sal’s ex-fiancé, also left a sweet comment on Deepti’s IG: “Don’t know what I would have done without you beautiful women.” That sounds ultra-friendly for someone who is now dating your ex. (Of course, there’s also a chance that Mallory and Sal are still together — instead of a honeymoon, they ended their non-wedding day with the plan of a non-filmed first date.)

But there’s a possibility that Deepti isn’t dating Sal, but is actually seeing Kyle Abrams (who got engaged to Shaina Hurley on the show before they broke up due to religious differences). A closer look at Deepti’s comments section reveals some flirty comments from Kyle, too. “Oh hi🥵,” he wrote on one. When he posted a shirtless mirror selfie, Deepti returned the favor. “Oooof 🥵🔥,” she commented.

Are Natalie and Shayne Still Together?


Deepti’s isn’t the only relationship status that people are questioning. Throughout Season 2, Natalie and Shayne’s relationship was full of ups and downs, but they seemed the stronger for it. Unfortunately, right before their wedding, a blowout fight made it impossible for Natalie to go through with the marriage.

According to Natalie, when she asked Shayne if he had too much to drink, he said that he “hated” her and that she was “the worst thing” that ever happened to him. Before that, she was fully planning on saying, “I do,” per Entertainment Tonight. Though Shayne seemed unforgiving in the moment, unsure if he could continue seeing Natalie after her rejection, he might have changed his tune since filming wrapped.

The duo follow each other on Instagram, and they’ve posted some really nice things about each other recently. On Feb. 27, Shayne wrote a long caption about his once-fiancée:

Natalie Mina Lee. Where do I start? This journey with you will be something I’ll never forget. It was easily the best time of my life and I would do it all over again knowing I get to spend more time with you. From our first date eating in-n-out and you getting both milkshakes to our walks around grant park. You are the most beautiful soul and you really brought out the best in me as a man. As a man watching our story over again I’m remorseful for my actions and all I can do is learn from them to be a better man. I’m proud of being vulnerable and being as genuine as possible. I don’t know what’s next for us but I do know that I will never stop loving you.

In the caption, he also put the rumors surrounding him and Shaina to rest. “Shaina and I are cordial and have hung out in group gatherings with the cast (with Natalie), but we have never had nor will ever have a romantic relationship,” he wrote.

At first, Natalie simply shared the post on her page and added a heart emoji, but the following day she echoed Shayne’s words with her own Instagram post. “I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in this. We may have had our ups and downs, but you have always protected me and had my back. And thank you for loving me for ME, and always encouraging me to embrace and love my flaws,” she wrote on IG. “When I told you I was self conscious about my deep stretch marks, you told me everyday after you loved them and they were beautiful. Even if I did this experiment a thousand times knowing the outcome, I would have always chosen you.” Aw!

These sweet words certainly sound like they’re still together — but who knows! Natalie also posted a flirty picture with Kyle on her Instagram Stories with the hashtag #kylatalie.

The good part? The reunion special should bring clarity to all of these confusing IG behaviors. Until then, I’ll be rooting for Deepti and Sal.