What 'Hunty' Means, And Why Your Gay Friends Are Calling You It

by Sean Abrams
World of Wonder Productions

How's bae doing? Is your hair on fleek? Wasn't that party lit?

Yes, I am, in fact, speaking English. If you read that sentence over and over again and still had no idea what the hell I just said, then, Houston, we have a problem.

Every year, "cool kids" all across America add new and quirky terminology to their vocabulary.

From "mad" to "sus" and back around to "squad deep," made-up words gradually shift from viral nonsense to full-on additions to the English dictionary.

It's crazy AF, I know, but it's important to be well informed.

In my own gay world, people come up with new slang so quickly, it'll make your weave spin.

The show "RuPaul's Drag Race," in which dolled-up drag queens deliver nothing but fishy (feminine) realness, new words are repeated every single episode.

One specific expression that originated in the world of drag (and is now a personal favorite I'm trying to spread like a bad case of herpes) is "hunty."

Sounds so cute, am I right?

What Does "Hunty" Mean?

Hunty can be defined as a way to refer to friends or acquaintances with a little bit of extra flair, sass or uuumph.

Using the word hunty, an elegant blend of the words "honey" and "cunt," usually comes across in two simple ways:

First and foremost, it packs a punch. It's an easy way for people to put their feelings of love and affection on display in the best way possible.

Phi Phi O'Hara, "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 4 star, describes it as a noun or adjective, most commonly used as a "term of endearment."

Referring to your BFF as a "hunty" when you tell her the dress she's got on is sickening is just one way to do it. Of course, I mean the over-the-top, fabulous form of "sickening" — not the doubled-over from bad sushi food poisoning definition.

Keep up, guys.

How Is It Used?

Utilizing it for the sake of compliments or a quick, sassy nickname is relatively common. Just envision this to be the live-version of a mid-air, up and down finger snap.

"Girl, you so hunty in that jumpsuit."

On the other hand, "hunty" can also be thrown around in a more shameful way, depending on your tone.

For instance, have you ever gone back and forth during a heated argument, only to start your next sentence with, "Listen, honey?"

You mean business, and you want to make sure the other person knows you're starting to get really pissed.

Well, that's how this other meaning of "hunty" goes. And now, with this way more up-to-date phrasing, there's even more attitude to be had.

If someone is going off on you or acting jealous, you can cool 'em down by throwing "hunty" at the end of a sentence. Sometimes, it can be very similar to girls throwing around the word "bitch" without any animosity. It's all in good fun.

Other times, it's read a bit more passive-aggressively and snarky. You just have to pick and choose when you use it, as well as how you use it.

Who's Saying It?

Beginner's beware: "Hunty" is definitely only for the vocabulary-updated pros.

Unless you are the legendary RuPaul... then, you can use it just about whenever you want.

If your gay friends are throwing the word around in your presence, embrace it.

It's a word set to rise up through the terminology ranks in 2017, so you best take full advantage of its versatility.

How are you gonna roll with queens if you don't know how to be one?