Choose Your Words, Choose Your Destiny: 8 Words You Need To Remove From Your Vocabulary

by Mike Philson

Whatever you say will come to be. If you choose to utilize words that manifest negativity and limitations, expect, either overtly or subconsciously, constraints to inhibit your development.

It is the season of harvest, and you are fully in control of your direction, trajectory and empowerment. However, before you take over the world, please consider elevating your vocabulary with a few small suggestions designed to project openness, positivity and success.

Elevate your aspirations with these simple changes in language. By the summertime, you'll be flying to the moon, feeling great about the present and actively engaging with your future in an empowered capacity. #ToTheMoon


You can do anything you choose to do and are willing to fight for. Nothing worth it is usually easy, so do yourself a favor and rid your vocabulary of this word.

You already have enough obstacles to contend with that you cannot always control, so why impose any additional barriers to your success?

Already, I’ve forbidden my unborn children from ever uttering this awful word that limits us from achieving goals seen and unseen. Success starts with mental fortitude, and this ugly word inhibits you from conceiving anything substantial, let alone achieving.


You simply do not know what you will feel like eating for lunch, let alone decisions with perpetual implications.

Stop declaring eternal realities with this final word — you just simply do not know nor should you limit yourself from evolving into the person you're destined to blossom into in the future.


If you really do not have an affinity for something, try utilizing "I dislike," "I prefer otherwise" or anything other than the word that has massacred civilizations and perpetuated injustice through history.

“Hate” can have too much power in our culture and limit us from realizing the potential and beauty in others, as well as ourselves.

Energy is best utilized refraining from this evil word, as hatred often inflicts damage to the hater, as well as the person being hated on.


One of the pitfalls of our culture is that we think it’s ok to “use” people... Implying that people and relationships are like commodities that can be disposed of at a moment’s notice, the minute they do not bring any transactional benefit.

Try the word “utilize” instead — and watch how blessings flow to and from you. Martin Luther King Jr. noted that power is the ability to move from one human relationship to another, leveraging strengths and facilitating the best in others -- utilizing -- and not using or exploiting, one’s greatness for the common good.


Dishonoring the world's favorite plant, and global stoner culture, weed is perhaps the most disrespectful colloquialism around to describe a natural leaf vital to humankind.

You have to honor the leaf with the dignity and respect it deserves. Weed connotes something unwanted, undesirable or offensive.

I advocate switching utilization of the word “weed” to a more appropriate characterization, such as tree, herb, veggies or loud… And we don’t get high any more, we go to the moon.


As Yoda remarked, “ try not, do or do not. There is no try.” You'll either do it or not. To try is to admit defeat at the outset. Go beyond trying and achieve -- speak and work success into existence. Watch how your life changes when this small-minded word is eliminated.

Rage and Turn Up

Atlanta rappers made you “turn up” in 2011. The world was different back then... Hardwell was still eating soft foods and Bieber was still America's favorite teen star.

It’s a new day and age, and the new word du jour to express partying is “Rage up.” A turn up is a vegetable or something posers do to feel cool once a week.

To merely "rage" is to be angry or do your mind, body and spirit massive harm... No need to be angry when it’s all love. With the mixing of the cultures and races, it's time you rage up! To rage up is a 24/7 mindset dedicated to living beyond traditional confines the powers that be place on you.

Beyond simply thinking outside the box, Rage up and destroy that box -- allowing you to shine brighter than ever.

While it may have been fun to rage at an Ultra or to turn up at the Drake concert, what do you do when cultures merge and you can no longer segment the most fun aspects of your life?

The new America mandates you be able to navigate more social paradigms -- even while partying, and rage up 24/7 against every limitation seen and unseen.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr