What Your First Date Drink Order Says About You

by Annie Foskett

Whether it's a set-up, the result of a serendipitous we-grabbed-the-last-bag-of-kale-at Trader Joe's-then-our-eyes-met situation, or, more likely, a swipe right on a dating app, first dates are exhilarating AF.

While you learn a lot about a person on a first date, the very first thing you learn about them is their drink order.

I remember showing up particularly late to a first date (oops) to find my cute, semi-nerdy dude waiting patiently with... a mezcal tequila on the rocks.

It was bold, specific, and totally not what I was expecting. If it was intended to impress, then that is adorable (and it worked).

Ordering a drink on a first date is a more calculated decision than ordering at a bar at night with friends, so choose wisely.

To help put your anxiety at ease when it comes to making that perfect first drink choice, here's a guide as to how you may come across based on your alcoholic beverage.

1. A Martini 

Whether vodka or gin, dirty or with a twist, there are lots of choices to be made when it comes to this cocktail.

Ordering a martini says you know what you want, and you know how to ask for it. You're a modern lady set on reclaiming the 'tini from its James Bond days, and you're not playing around.

If you're ordering a martini on a first date, it's definitely not your first rodeo. More than one martini will sneak up on you quickly, so this is a great way to have a drink, and then decide if this guy's worth a second round of your time.

Plus, ordering a martini means getting to say "dirty" on a first date.

2. Rosé

Some might call your order "basic" or "boring," but they can stay quiet.

It's hot outside, Malbec stains your teeth, and rosé is at least more interesting than Sauvignon Blanc. Plus, it's damn good.

You're definitely fun, flirty, and you probably have a drier sense of humor than your sweet appearance might initially suggest.

Rosé is the Pumpkin Spice Latte of adult beverage orders: We're supposed to be over it, but really, we all want to get down with it from time to time.

Major bonus points to your date if he's man enough to share a bottle of Whispering Angel with you.

3. An IPA

You ordered an IPA? You're already my favorite.

As an avid IPA drinker, I sometimes get too shy to order them on a first date.

Is it too manly to order a beer on a first date? Will he automatically add five pounds to my frame and friend-zone me?

Absolutely not! It is 2017. Ask for what you want and don't apologize.

An IPA suggests you not only know your beer, but you aren't afraid to show your true personality from the first minute. Ordering an IPA, or any beer, shows that you are a laid back lady any guy would be lucky to watch a sports game with.

Consider giving him serious brownie points if his order ends up being "whatever beer she's having."

4. A Margarita

If ordering rosé means you're fun, then ordering a margarita says you are an absolute blast.

You treat everyday like it's your birthday, and you're not afraid of indulgence. Calories be damned, it's a first date and two people making the time to put themselves out there is enough of a reason to celebrate.

As with a martini, you've got some choices to make: frozen or on the rocks, with salt or not? But unlike a martini drinker, you can make a decision on the fly, and you're less precious about every little detail.

Even in a wintry month like January, frozen margaritas are still appropriate in your book because life is short.

It's best to enjoy it.

5. Negroni

As the hippest order on the menu, this selection proves you know what's trending. You have very good taste and anyone with equally good taste will be able to tell immediately.

You're not pretentious, but you certainly know what's up. You probably met The Chainsmokers at a party before they were famous, but you definitely don't brag about it.

The Negroni is the perfect drink because it is equal parts youthful and sophisticated. On a first date, you might not know whether you want a new late night pizza-and-sex buddy, or just a truly mature adult relationship.

Your Negroni order shows that you're open minded.

And because you're open minded, remember that though a drink order has the potential to be a good judge of character, the right person will be worth getting to know no matter what their spirit selection is.

I have definitely ordered all of the above on a date, and I would gladly go on a second date with a man who ordered any of 'em -especially rosé.