Guys Reveal Their Version Of A Perfect First Date

Everyone has their own version as to what a perfect first date should entail.

For some, like myself, it's more about the person than the setting we're in. He could be as hot as Justin Timberlake, as smooth as Bruno Mars, and as smart as Bill Nye, but if he's not "the one" for me, I won't consider it to be perfect.

For others, a perfect first date is more about the overall experience. If the setting and activities are right, like an evening stroll on a gorgeous beach or a delicious cocktail at a hotel bar, that'll add up to a damn good time, for sure.

My view on perfection may be a little narrow-minded, as my first "date" with my husband was hanging out at a bookstore, but nevertheless, I still enjoyed all the time I spent with him.

But is there a real definition to what makes a date perfect? Or does it rely on the person's interests and values? And, if we're really digging deep, does a man's views differ from a woman's?

To find that out, I asked some guys exactly what men think of when it comes to their versions of a perfect first date.  To no surprsie, their answers varied from really obnoxious to completely adorable.

A little early 2000's rock music will certainly set the mood on a first date.

I pick her up and play First Date by Blink-182 and that's about it. -/u/NotMarcus7

This guy likes to be active when out for the first time with a lady.

Go-carting, but girls don't always wear jeans on the first date. - Anonymous, 30

The guy wants an actual date... like... on a calendar.

1/1/1. -/u/ajabsen

This is proof that romance is still alive in 2017, people.

Losing track of time, getting lost in the moment and blocking out the rest of the world around you. Having a lovely meal and a favorite spot. Feeling comfortable and vulnerable to where you trade facts or stories that you've never told anybody. At the end of the night, your cheeks are sore from all of the smiling, and you don't want to go to seep as you drift off into sweet slumber remembering all of the cute little things she did or said that evening. - Sam, 31

This guy wants to take out a girl with similar interests (and who'll pay for herself).

[S]he doesn't act like a stuck up girl, pays for her own food, and has a lot in common with me. -/u/TechySpecky

This guy wants tons of communication on a first date.

I think the first date is really about getting to know the other person and less about trying to impress them. Something about first impressions or something. In my mind, that starts with food... because all good things start with food. Doesn't have to be fancy or fussy, just good food. From there, I like an activity like mini-golf or ice skating or something like that where you are doing something but still have the ability to talk to each other. - Tony, 31

The best first date is one that doesn't feel awkward at all.

"Perfect would essentially be zero awkward moments. I guess for that: meet up at a park or something, walk around while having a nice conversation, find someplace local to eat (nothing's a first date), and do whatever interesting thing is nearby." -/u/nybx4life

Simple and classic first dates are the best first dates.

A day at a theme park, the movies, dinner, or perhaps a comedy club. - Steve, 31

Because what can go wrong when ice cream is involved?

Something where we can talk and get to know each other. I love hiking so a walk anywhere followed by ice cream would be an awesome date for me. -/u/mrtoofat

The right person can make a bad first date setting all the better.

Perfect first date? I think great conversation, laughter, attraction, and something random. The food can be bad, the restaurant service terrible or bad weather...but if you're with the right person, all of that can be overlooked or even add to the magic of the night. - Anonymous, 30

This guy wants to get straight to the sex.

She pays for everything, she doesn't just sit there and expects me to entertain her, she's hot, and we fuck after the date. -/u/Kving_Tut22

Doesn't this guy sound like such a catch?

A perfect first date involves being in a sea of people but feeling like you're there alone. With you, any time we hung out or even hang out now, I like the atmosphere where there is a lot of people because it adds to the intimacy of our moment together. Because when you're in a large crowd, nobody is paying attention to you. It's like being in a bubble, just me and you, floating through a sea of people. - Jonathon, 31

OK, so the last one was my husband. I'm a very lucky lady with a very corny, yet adorable, yet also hot, man in my life.

The main takeaway from all of this is that... guys are all over the place. Instead of focusing on things being "perfect," a date should just be fun!

So when out meeting someone for the first time, the best thing you can do is just make the most of it (and have a great time).