19 'Unhealthy' Things You Do In A Relationship That Make It Healthy

by Elite Daily Staff

I’ve always hated the word “healthy” when it's used to describe relationships. Like, should I be taking my love vitamins every day?

And what about those so-called “unhealthy” things like constantly texting each other and being a crutch for the other person? They seem really great and exactly the kind of grounding my hectic, unpredictable life needs.

Sometimes relationships get a bad rap. We judge them way too harshly based on past scornful experiences and the inflexible “rules” we’ve set for ourselves.

But the reality is not every relationship misdemeanor is a bad one; it all depends on what works for you two, and that can change over time as you two grow closer.

Being super involved in each other’s lives is comforting. Leaving traces of hair everywhere comes with the territory, as do all those wonderful nights spent cooking together and falling asleep next to each other while watching movies.

But it’s the not-so-good things that enrich your relationship and add different layers to each of your lives.

1. Your lives are intertwined…

Which just means you'll always have each other’s backs.

Your Google calendars are synced and his doctor’s visit is penciled into your planner. It isn’t love unless you know more about your partner than he or she does.

2. You Netflix-cheat-on-each-other…

Which proves there’s forgiveness in the relationship.

You have your fair share of silly fights, but they never last long because you know you’ll make-up in the end.

3. He farts in bed…

And it means you laugh a lot.

All those silly, gross things you swore you’d never do in front of each other are now the source of your daily inside jokes.

4. You don’t like each other’s parents…

Which just means you have something to agree on!

Despite your individual differences, you guys can find common ground on anything.

5. You have too much free time on your hands…

Which leaves plenty of time for sex.

And maybe watch a little too much television? All this time spent together just signals you’re growing closer and closer.

6. No part of each other is off limits...

You guys are down to try new things and sample fine gourmet, i.e. butt-licking.

You aren’t afraid to splurge on one another, so to speak.

7. There’s hair everywhere…

And you guys are fully open with each other.

It’s not gross because you know who it belongs to. You don’t hold back anything, and why should you? That’s the healthiest kind of relationship there is.

8. You choose cheese over spinach, every time….

Ooh, you guys like to be bad. *Sizzle, sizzle*

Whatever happens next, you guys are in it together.

9. You call each other out on your sh*t…

Because you guys can be honest with each other.

Bringing out the best in your partner requires a little healthy nudging here and there.

10. You have gross nicknames…

Because you respect the fact that each other’s real names suck.

Can’t argue that one.

11. You're in constant contact…

Since you don’t keep things from each other.

So, maybe you’re a little bit obsessed with each other. You can never have too much love in this world.

12. You stopped trying…

Because you’ve reached the ultimate level of comfort.

There is no shame in being 100 percent totally yourself.

13. You don’t shave anymore... either of you

Because you already know what lies underneath.

Your relationship is genuine to the core. There’s never a need to fake it.

14. You point out each other’s flaws...

When you’re making fun of each other.

You can jest about each other’s shortcomings because you feel so secure with who you are and who your partner is. These are the things you love about each other most.

15. You finish each other’s sentences…

Because you’re anticipating the other person’s needs.

Being in a relationship means being there for one another. It’s reciprocating special acts of kindness simply because you love each other so much you just want to make the other happy.

16. You eat off each other’s plates…

When you’re hungry for more.

When you’re in a great relationship, you don’t have to think twice about going for it. With him by your side, everything seems well within your reach.

17. You talk to his parents more than your own...

Because you feel so welcomed and a part of his family.

It's a rare and special bonus relationship you inherited. When things aren't running smoothly with your own parents, it's nice to have another set to rely on.

18. You wear sweatpants on a dinner date...

Because you have an easy-going relationship.

You don't have to "maintain your appearance" or put on airs when it's just you two. Relationships might be work, but it never feels like an effort.

19. You are each other's crutch...

And you lean on each other.

Being dependent on one another isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's rewarding to have another person in your life who cares about your wellbeing and will help you through the bad times.