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Tyler Cameron was "blacklisted" from sororities for hooking up with too many girls.

Um, Tyler C. Was "Blacklisted" From Sororities For Too Many Hookups

Plenty of roses to go around.

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Will Bachelor Nation ever recover from the dream that is Tyler Cameron? Probs not. But, luckily, he is still giving us plenty of material. On July 27, Cameron released his book, You Deserve Better: What Life Has Taught Me About Love, Relationships, and Becoming Your Best Self, and it gave everyone some surprising insight into his dating history. One story, in particular, stood out: Cameron admitted that he was “blacklisted” from sororities for hooking up with too many girls. (Yes, really.)

Although it may be hard to imagine Cameron being blacklisted from anything now, he was less popular (or maybe too popular?) in college. In the book, Cameron explained that he was the “ultimate party boy” back then, according to E!. And he “actually got blacklisted from certain sororities because I hooked up with too many girls.” He’s “not proud” of this part of his past.

He explained that he started hooking up in high school. “The bigger problem was that once I found out what sex was — once I discovered for myself that it was fun — I wanted to do it all the time. Hooking up was a huge thing at my high school,” Cameron wrote, per Us Weekly. “Without parents teaching us something different, we didn’t know better; we saw these things modeled on TV or in movies, and we thought that was just what you did. For a long time, I thought that was what being a boy was all about.”

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This dating history is definitely a different image of the Tyler Cameron we saw in Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette when the pair famously decided not to have sex during their Fantasy Suite date — despite their intense sexual chemistry. “During that night together, we hooked up and it kept getting steamy, but I kept pumping the brakes,” he explained in the book. According to Cameron, it was that night that really solidified their relationship in his mind.

“We had the best night — just hanging out, talking and connecting. We really opened up and poured into each other, tackling so many big topics and sharing so much of ourselves. The fact that we could easily talk all night was what made me think, holy sh*t, this could be it for me,” he wrote. “I was genuinely upset when I saw the sun coming up, because I knew our time together was coming to an end.” BRB, crying.

Although it didn’t end up working out for Cameron and Brown (And they are both happily in different relationships now. Cameron is in a relationship with Camila Kendra, and Brown is with Adam Woolard.), I’m always going to be rooting for the two of them — separate or together.