6 Thoughts You Have When You Run Into Your Ex And Look Hot AF


The world is losing its damn mind over Bella Hadid absolutely smoldering The Weeknd in this week's Victoria Secret Fashion show.

See for yourself.


She's a warrior. A hero. An angel and a hell-fire bird. He doesn't stand a chance. It's like that scene in Dreamgirls if Jamie Foxx was a Victoria's Secret model and Jennifer Hudson had a noun for a name.

Hadid and The Weeknd reportedly broke up early November, and the VSFS prompted the first time they reunited since the split. On stage. While she's in her underwear. Looking like she invented grace and strength for all of human kind.

Look! She doesn't give one little F. We can only imagine what HE's thinking, but we took a stab at what SHE's thinking.


Here are six thoughts you have when you run into your ex and look hot AF.


Not that life and love is about winning or losing, but let's be real... yeah, it kind of is. Nothing like having something that other people want, especially when that's your successful, gorgeous self.

SUCKS TO BE YOU, THE WEEKND. Bet you're feeling like a big ol' Monday now!

(Get it? It's a weekend joke. OK OK OK.)

2. "...and hair flip in 3... 2... 1..."

Honestly, you've probably been waiting for this moment. Capitalize and give yourself a slow-mo movie scene and twirl, beotch, twirl!

(Of course, if it were ME on the runway in my skivvies, I'd probably have an F U dance that involved the middle finger and flying away on ceiling cords attached to my wings. But you know, to each their own.)

3. "I HATE your taste in music!" "I HATE the smell of your deodorant!" "I HATE your weird shower curtain!"

Though I've never felt that blatant insults are a great way to get any point across, if there's ever a safe space to do it, it's in your own mind while your ex watches you walk down the runway and out of his life.

Now is a good time to scream all the nasty things you never said while you were together and finally let that shit gooooo...

4. Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" on repeat in your head

We knew this song would have valuable meaning in our lives at some point. Now is that time.

5. "DANG am I good looking."

Appreciate yo'self. You earned it. Picking yourself up after any breakup can be tricky, regardless of whether it was your decision or not. Good for you for turning it around and rising a shiny, perfect falcon out of the dumb ashes of lame relationships gone wrong.


We took a poll and nine out of 10* people who walked by their ex while looking hot AF reported thinking this in their heads.

*JK, we didn't take a poll, but we feel really freaking confident reporting that stat anyway.

Good luck out there, Angels!