5 Things You Can Do At A Music Festival Only If You're Single


Music festivals are the freakin' greatest. They're one of the best places to go when you're single because you meet a TON of new people.

Seriously: Back in the day – when I still had a ton of youthful energy – I always used to make friends at these things. But you also meet a lot of new romantic prospects as well.

In fact, there's no better place to hit up when you've hit a metaphorical rock in your dating life (which is where I am currently).

Hmmm. Maybe I should go to a festival.

Even if your music festival romance is just a one-day or weekend-long thing that doesn't turn into a long-term relationship, at least you'll forever have the memory of your short-but-sweet fling.

You'll always remember that time you were young, between boyfriends and having the time of your life, just doing you. You'll look back on it and miss it so much.

Don't believe me? Well, here are five other equally awesome things you can do at a music festival only when you're single:

1. Bring whoever you want back to your tent.

You're in a field with a million random strangers, and most of them are shirtless and sweating. It's incredibly empowering to be able to sleep with whoever the hell you want. You shouldn't EVER feel bad about it.

(Then again, if NOT sleeping with someone is your thing, that's OK, too!)

CAPITALIZE on the music festival. Just use a condom, please-and-thank-you: You can never trust these festival-goers.

2. Switch stages as you please.

I was once dating this guy who was as into music as I am. The problem was, he was so stubborn, he was never willing to meet me halfway.

One day, when I texted him to ask him to come to this concert with me, he responded with, "I don't like them. Can you come over and nap with me instead?" Yes, you read that correctly: He wanted to nap together.

The perk of being single at a festival? You can move freely from one set to another because you don't have to worry about anyone else's music preferences. This music festival is all about whatever makes YOUR ears happy.

3. Dance like no one's watching.

Because no one IS watching... right? RIGHT?!

Go ahead and whip out those dad moves. There's literally nothing more freeing than dancing with your eyes closed and knowing there's no plus one around to judge you.

And hey, maybe you'll even attract a fellow mate whose go-to move is also of the dad variety, and maybe you'll fall in dad-move love.

4. Wear those crop tops and mini shorts.

I know some girls in relationships have boyfriends who have to "approve" of what they're wearing. (WTF?)

I've never been the kind of girl who sticks around in a relationship where she's being told what to do, what not to do, what to wear and what not to wear.

And you shouldn't be that girl, either. So expose that midriff, because NO ONE can stop you right now.

5. Slip a musician your digits.

Hooking up with a famous dude is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you.

Seriously: How many times do you get the chance to give the lead singer of Arctic Monkeys your number? (Back off him, BTW: He's mine. You can have anyone else.)

Take advantage of the fact that you'll likely never see any of these people again. You're like a hot, free, wild, festival-going mirage – a hot, free, wild, single, festival-going mirage – so don't fear rejection. Go for the famous, voice-like-an-angel gold. You never know what could happen!