Tayshia & Zac's Zodiac Signs Are Almost (But Not Quite) A Perfect Match

BRB, crying.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

For a while, it seemed like everyone was rooting for Zayshia as a couple — even the stars. Unfortunately, the realities of dating IRL got in the way of their charted connection. Despite Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark's intense astrological compatibility, a rep for Adams confirmed that she and Clark “were no longer a couple” on Nov. 22. So maybe their stars weren’t so aligned after all. Let’s break it down.

Adams was born on Sept. 4, which makes her a no-nonsense Virgo, while Clark's birthday falls on Jan. 16, making him a practical, persistent Capricorn. As fellow Earth signs, Virgos and Caps are all about planning ahead and reaching for the stars while always keeping their feet firmly planted on the ground. That said, they originally seemed like the perfect match.

Adams is the ultimate Virgo queen, and she made it clear from the start of her Bachelorette journey she wasn't there to play games. During a March 2019 interview with Vulture, Adams said — if she were the Bachelorette — she def wouldn't tolerate immaturity. "The guys would definitely have to be much older, I'd tell you that much," she said. "I require a little bit more life experience, someone who really knows who they are and still aren't trying to figure themselves out. Show up, or get out. No bullsh*t, let's go, I'm trying to find a husband!"

Virgos have high standards for the people in their lives, and they hold themselves to an even higher standard. After going through a divorce, Adams knew she wanted her second husband to be her forever partner, and she wasn't interested in settling for "good enough." As she told Us Weekly during a November 2020 interview, "Having been married before, I feel like … I'm not just going to do anything just to do something. I'm not going to do it because I feel like I need to or do this and that. I'm going to do it because it's the right thing to do, and I'm excited and happy." Now that's a major Virgo mood. Still, such high standards and unwillingness to compromise can make it hard to build a long-lasting relationship, especially when you’re involved with someone who shares those values.

Like Virgos, Caps are cautious skeptics who are far more realistic than idealistic. However, their pragmatic attitudes don't stop them from dreaming big. Clark made his incredible ambition apparent when he opened up about his past as a drug addict and alcoholic who became an addiction specialist. Caps are nothing if not honest, and for Clark, it seems open and honest communication is a priority. And unsurprisingly, after Clark shared his journey while on a one-on-one date with Adams, she responded by giving him a rose. Virgos aren't easily intimidated, y'all.

Despite their similarities, Virgos and Caps do have their struggles together. Both tend to be pretty reserved, so forming an emotional connection can be tricky. And if these earth signs continue to shy away from being vulnerable and communicating their feelings with one another, things can take a turn. Although there’s no way to know for sure if that’s how things went down with Adams and Clark, a source did tell E! that a lack of communication contributed to their split.

“Both of their busy schedules have been keeping them apart and their communication hasn't been great.“They were arguing a lot and decided it would be best to split,” an insider claimed to the outlet on Nov. 22. “Tayshia and Zac didn't see eye to eye on several important issues and ultimately realized a long-term relationship between the two of them wouldn't work out.” It turns out that slow and steady doesn’t always win the race.

Although their astrological charts might not have been enough to keep this duo together, here’s hoping that their stars lead them to their happiness soon.