Guy Poses As Stormtrooper From 'Star Wars' In Tinder Convo, And It Totally Works


In a galaxy far, far away, one man dressed up in a costume and crafted a witty Tinder profile. Using his powers and the magic of pop culture, he — ah, you know what? Forget it.

The heart wants what it wants. And if the heart wants a 20-year-old stormtrooper named Nines who lives less than a mile away, who am I to tell the heart no?

Imgur user futuregunsmith1 posted a series of hilarious, smart and super "Star Wars"-y (that's what the fans call it, right?) screenshots of a Tinder conversation he had with who I assume is a raging "Star Wars" fan.

"Holy crap, it worked," the stormtrooper wrote on his Imgur post. And honestly, good for him.

The thought and effort this stormtrooper put into his messages were definitely Oscar-worthy.


First off, his profile information totally nails it. It's not too heavy-handed but comes with just enough "Star Wars" references to reel in the fans.

Nines' bio reads, "Loyalty, honor, courage. Rebel scum need not apply," And that sounds pretty legit to me. I'd take those qualities even without the impressive bodysuit.

And let's just say, Nines' conversation abilities don't fall short either.


Nines really weaves some humor AND literary accuracy into his messages, sticking with traditional stormtrooper lingo and working in the big line, "Will you take the whites and join our rank?" (AKA "You wanna go out?")


Sure, some of us might wonder what Nines really looks like. What other hobbies does he have? Does he even have a face?

Regardless of Nines' true identity, this lady is all IN to this love story and ready to be his Princess Leia.

(Full disclosure: I don't really know the "Star Wars" story, but I think Leia kisses her brother at some point. BUT, like, it's totally possible she runs away with a stormtrooper in an alternate ending, and I just went to the bathroom at that part.)


It looks like our hero uses the force in this particularly smooth move, where his sly "Star Wars" lingo got the lucky lady's phone number.

Together, they made big plans to "bring peace and prosperity to billions."

No pressure or anything.


Godspeed to this happy couple.

May the force be with them.