A Step-By-Step Guide For The Single Girl To Find A New Year's Eve Kiss

by Jamie LeeLo

New Year's Eve always comes with a lot of pressure. There's this huge expectation to go wild, have "Omg, like the best night ever!!!" and, above all else, get a kiss at midnight.

It can be intimidating to embark on a night as big as this if you're single. While the possibilities are actually endless, there can be an extra dose of anxiety on how and with whom you'll suck face with at the stroke of midnight.

Here's your step-by-step guide to making that New Year's Eve kiss a little easier to find:

Step 1: Assess Your Options

Looking for a NYE kiss at your local dive bar is way different than looking for one at a house party or night club. You have to consider who (or what type of person) is going to be there and plan accordingly.

Some things to consider: Where are you going? Who else is going? Do you know anyone? Are you gearing up to flirt with an old fling or a new, total stranger?

Answering these questions will help you strategize for the evening and manage your expectations.

Step 2: Pick Your Poison

And by that we mean outfit and drink of choice.

What kind of NYE girl vibe are you putting out there? A girl dressed in silver sequins sipping raspberry vodkas gives off a very different vibe from the girl in the black turtle neck nursing red wine.

NYE is a great night to be whoever you want to be, as the rules of the past year don't count anymore and the new year has yet to come!

Pick your vibe and attract your guy (or girl!) for the night.

Step 3: Gather Your Resources

Wingwomen, unite!

Make sure you and your squad get on the same page about the night's game plan. Maybe your bestie is bringing her coworker she's been wanting you to meet, or your sorority sister can play defense to fend off your ex (who will most likely be there).

At the same time, promise to be a team player and be sure to keep an eye on your gal pals and their NYEKP (New Years Eve Kiss Plans, obvi). We're literally ALL in this night together, World. 2017 here we come!

Step 4: Come Up With A Game Plan

When you get to where you're going, how are you going to find your smooch partner? Some favorite strategies are to get aggressive, let them come to you, or "see where the night takes you."

Whichever route you choose, once you spot him, make some lingering eye contact. Usually, you'll be able to tell right away if you'll have a green light come midnight.

Step 5: Commit, Damnit.

When it's go time... GO. You'll know when to make your move because there will be a LITERAL countdown happening to signal its time.

Tip: When everyone shouts "Happy New Year!" thats your queue to lean in for the kiss.

Try not to overthink it, and don't worry about who is looking. No one is. They're all making out.

Confidence is key and also sexy as hell.

Final Tips:

Carry gum. Nothing is worse than kissing someone who tastes like pizza and whiskey (actually, wait a minute...).

Don't be creepy. If you get the vibe your kisser of choice isn't feeling it, it's never cool to force something.

Don't take it too seriously. Not getting a kiss at NYE literally means nothing. If you can first try to have a great night with your friends, consider the kiss frosting on top of an otherwise mediocre 2016.

Always, always, always HAVE FUN. HapPPpppy New YeaRRRrrr!