5 Reasons Why A Girls' Dinner Is The Most Important Night Ever

by Gianna DeMedio

My favorite email of the week usually begins with, “Mark your calendars! Girls dinner on [insert day of the week here]!”

The countdown begins, which makes the rest of the week bearable because you have a girls dinner — we’ll call it AGD — to which you can look forward.

This treasured event has become just as important to our generation as the Last Supper was for Jesus and his Apostles.

For the male readers or for any readers who just don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about, allow me to explain the importance of AGD:

1. The perfect forum to make important announcements

What better way to tell the girls you nabbed that big promotion, you plan to backpack through Europe or that you're going to buy your first house? Whatever the occasion, any exciting announcement is better with all of your girls gathered at once.

This is partially so you don't have to tell the story six separate times, but mostly because you love the reaction of the entire restaurant when your whole table squeals at once, “Eeeee! Steph bought a houseeee!!!!!"

2. No one understands your love of food like the girls do

I love food. No, I don't think you understand. I LOVE food. Luckily, I found myself a group of girls who are as unashamed of their passion for feasting as I am. You won't find us at the table with salads and diet green tea.

Look a little to the left. That's us. The girls with gourmet mac and cheese with bacon and root beer floats. Sure, you look forward to seeing your friends at AGD, but you also know you're guaranteed a damn good meal.

3. Pop another bottle! It's been a long week

Six people at AGD usually constitutes at least five bottles of wine that will all end up empty. BYOBs are nice for AGD for the obvious reasons of saving money on drastically marked up bottles of vino, but also because you don't need some lazy bartender slowing you down.

Need another pour? Before you've even finished your complete thought, your bestie to the right is already filling you up. Just like you look forward to the food at AGD, you definitely look forward to the alcohol on your night to unwind.

4. A judgment-free zone

The aforementioned alcohol definitely plays a part in the fourth point. Dinner with the girls is a judgment-free zone where you can fearlessly discuss your deepest thoughts. Sometimes, the juiciest of revelations are brought to the surface at AGD.

Fighting with your mom and need to vent? Let’s hear it. Think your boyfriend might be cheating and you need advice? Bring it on. Want to quit your job and become a stripper? Ehh, I’m sure you have some great reasons, but we’ll need an extra bottle of wine to get through this one.

5. Remembering why you're such close friends to begin with

I attended AGD tonight with eight of my closest friends. I looked at one end of the table and saw friends I’ve known since elementary school. At the other end, there were girls I didn’t even know two years ago, but who are now family.

My friendship with each of them is unique, crazy and fantastic, just like the friends themselves. But, it’s being at the dinner, watching everyone interact, listening to the stories and hearing the laughs, that leads me to realize how important this time is in all of our lives.

It's a few hours out of the week when the world seems to slow down a little, and we’re just “us.” No matter the time that lapses between meetings, a dinner with the girls allows you to connect with your friends and remember why they’re in your heart in the first place.