The Guys You Should Avoid Making Out With On New Year's Eve

by Ashley Fern

The majority of single girls face the same dilemma every New Year's Eve -- and no, I'm not talking about their resolution to lose unachievable amounts of weight. I'm talking about who they're kissing when the clock strikes 12.

Ryan Atwood pretty much instilled how important this concept is when he rushed over to creepy Oliver's party to embrace Marissa Cooper at the stroke of midnight.

As NYE is quickly approaching (Um, when did it even become December?), this issue is at the back of most single women's minds. Who am I going to make out with? What if the only thing I'm holding onto at midnight is my champagne glass? Why did I spend $200+ on a dress if no one is going to take it off me? Ugh, first world problems.

Well, to help you figure out what and whom you are going to do, we're going to break down the list of those people you do not want to be making out with come midnight on New Year's Eve:

1. Your Ex

Do you really want to ring in the New Year by making out with someone from your past? He's in the past for a reason! Leave him there and move on.

2. Your Friend's Boyfriend

What kind of friend are you? Don't start the New Year as a backstabbing douchebag. Come on, you're an adult now. That sh*t just doesn't fly.

3. Your Friend's Ex Boyfriend

Didn't "Mean Girls" teach you anything? Don't do this! You wouldn't be too happy if your BFF was picking up your sloppy seconds, would you?

4. Your Best Friend Who's Always Been In Love With You

Don't pretend you are unaware of the fact that your guy BFF is actually in love with you. This is pretty messed up and gives him a serious sense of false hope. If you want to remain besties, just don't do it.

5. A Girl

We're straying a little from the main topic here, but don't cause a scene by playing tonsil hockey with your bestie. You're not in high school anymore; this isn't cute or funny. So unless you're swinging for your own team, don't do this -- it's f*cking weird.

6. A Coworker

Well this will really be awkward when you head back into the office after the holiday.

7. The Guy Who Asks Before It's 12

Okay, you freak. If you are single, your New Year's kiss is something that's supposed to be spontaneous! Don't ruin the moment by asking a really awkward question. More than likely, the answer is going to be a straight up "no."

8. A Guy Whose Girlfriend Isn't There

Okay, so you're at whatever New Year's Eve party and you are most likely surrounded by a ton of your friends. Why would you think it would be a good idea to hook up with a guy whose girlfriend is MIA? Everyone knows it's always the girl who gets blamed the most, even though it was obviously the guy's responsibility. Rookie mistake.

9. The Guy Who Promoted The Event

This is just embarrassing. Don't make yourself look desperate by making out with the guy who is probably ripping off everyone who bought tickets to the event.

10. The Guy You Saw Making Out With Five Other Girls

Is this even sanitary? Do you really want to be one of those girls? No, my friend, you most certainly do not.

Bonus: Your Cousin

So, you have your cousins and then you have your first cousins, and then you have your second cousins… Wait, that's not right, is it?

Top Photo Credit: Casey Donahue