Here's Why You Should Forget Cuffing Season And Find True Love

by Megan Mann

Long gone are the days of crop tops and short shorts, beach days and barbecues. We've had to say goodbye to the outdoors in these frigid winter months -- at least if you live in the Midwest or on the East Coast.

During the holidays, your family and friends were probably asking you all those dating questions you didn't want to hear. It can get pretty irritating and drive people into quick romantic fixes.

It also doesn't help that it's engagement season. Between updates across social media of sparkling rings and creative proposals, you can't help but pick up the cookie dough, rage-text your friends and consider your dating options.

This is what's known as cuffing season.

For those of you who aren't familiar, cuffing season is when a single person starts looking for a temporary significant other. This significant other is finite and allows you to enjoy the winter free of those annoying relationship questions. Cuffing season gives you the convenience of a companion without having to really commit yourself.

Call me a traditionalist, but I think this is total bullshit.

It's not because I've been in a relationship for almost three years, either. Before I met my boyfriend, I was actually pretty thrilled to be single. It had taken me a while to get over my last relationship and I was enjoying the quiet time. I brushed off any questions I received about relationships because it really wasn't important to me to find one.

This is why cuffing season is bonkers.

At a time when women are all about the single life and proud of their sexuality, isn't it sort of ridiculous that we have to put up with this whole charade and look for someone temporary to appease others?

Being single doesn't make you any less whole than if you were in a relationship -- even if your grandma questions why you're in your late 20s with no significant other.

The winter definitely keeps you inside more often. But is it okay for you to lead someone along just because you want someone to snuggle with for a few months?

I don't think this trend is fair to the unknowing party.

If you want to stay single, you should stay single and own it.

Cuffing season isn't a new trend, but the idea should have died quite a long time ago. Unfortunately, it's even more common now with ghosting being so popular.

It's unfair to let someone believe you're interested in them so you can feel comfortable for a few months. Don't make it messy because the winter blues and cold weather make you feel some type of way.

Be genuine in your feelings. Forget fabricated love and affection. Love for love's sake -- not for the likes.