Watch Out, Ladies, Men Only Want To Date Now Because They're Cold And Lonely

Duet Postscriptum

It's hunting season, and men are on the prowl for some serious Netflix and chill this winter.

That's right; it's not guys who should be worried about a one-night stand trying to start a relationship this cuffing season; it's women. And they should be afraid — very afraid.

A new study found men actually feel way more lonely in the cold winter months than women, making them more likely to want to find a snuggle buddy.

After surveying 1,000 single Americans, dating app Luxy discovered that a third of men even consider finding a partner a top priority this season.

Of those surveyed, around a fifth of singles said they're worried about not finding a bf or gf for winter.

So what are they doing about it? Well, men are more likely to turn to dating apps in those dark, single times.

But it's pretty much the exact opposite for women: Nearly one third of women ask friends if they have any suitable matches.

And then, guess what happens, guys? A lot of us settle.

In order to avoid their loneliness, more than a fifth of men have started dating someone or have stayed in a relationship in the winter. Meanwhile, 14 percent of women have done the same.

And overall, one in six daters say they've stuck with another half through the winter months and then cut ties once the weather got warmer (and the clothes got more revealing).

According to a spokesperson from Luxy,

" these results suggest, when looking for a partner it's clear that there are a number of outside factors influencing who we date and why." Sometimes this leads us to making connections that might not necessarily be the best match but that seem to work at the time because we don't want to be alone, whether it's down to cuffing season or other needs."

In other words, men and women (but especially men) are making rash dating decisions around this time of year — because of the weather.

So be careful out there, ladies.