All The Ways To Show Your Undying Love For Your Single Friends On Valentine's Day

I don't care if you're in an ~amazing~, super-loving, gorgeously perfect, wildly passionate relationship. I don't care if you're as single a dollar bill, either.

Valentine's Day isn't about sitting at an overpriced, candlelit dinner looking into the eyes of the person you've been fucking for the past three months, pretending to feel things that aren't there. It's not about getting pissed off at the person you're "kind of dating" because they didn't send you goddamn drugstore roses.

Valentine's Day is a day of love. It's the day of non-romantic love and the day of friendship love — the far superior love. It's the day of celebrating your single best friend, not some douchebag you're dating.

And your single best friend is probably feeling a little bit fragile this V-day.

Maybe her ex is dating someone new and keeps posting nauseating pictures on Instagram. Maybe she's just been feeling a little lonely this year, and you've been too wrapped up in your own bullshit to even notice.

Whatever the case, chances are you have at least one single best friend who needs a little extra loving from you this year.

Chances are you have at least one single best friend who needs a little loving from you this year.

So, ditch your stupid date, and date your best single friend this February 14. After all, according to Elite Daily's very own reader survey, 37 percent of millennial women feel like Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate all kinds of relationships. Like friendships, honey.

Here are 10 ways to show your single friends LOVE this Valentine's Day:

1.  Buy your best friend a badass friendship necklace.

Remember those cheap, pink, plastic heart necklaces from the third grade? "Friendship necklaces," they were called. Very popular in the '90s.

They were an exclusive gift in the culture of 9-year-old birthday parties, for it was "public branding" of passionate friendship between children.

Maybe (like me) you never got one, and it still tugs at your self-esteem. Well, now is the time to repair your friendless elementary school trauma and buy an updated version of the "friendship necklace" for your best friend!

Here's an updated friendship necklace, and it's a far more badass:


You can get a more tame one if you wish, but I think "best fucking bitches" is a little more powerful than a simple "best friends." Get it here.

2. Have a sex toy party.

What better way to show your single friends how much you deeply care about them, then showing that you're passionate about their sexual well-being?

Host a SEX TOY party, girl! Our survey revealed 51 percent of single women would have a party with their other single friends on Valentine's Day.

Partner up with a brand to sponsor your party — or buy a bunch of toys if you're loaded — and invite all of the single girls over to shop, play and drink champagne in the comfort of your apartment.

3. Get drunk and romantic about your friendship.

Sit by the pool, go to a pub, hold court at the center of the trendiest bar in town. I don't care how you do it, so long as you do this: get wasted and exchange drunken "I love you's" with your best friend in the world.

There is nothing as beautiful as two best friends slurring about their love for one another over a teeming glass of wine.

There is nothing as beautiful as two best friends slurring about their love for one another over a teeming glass of wine.

4. Write her a love note.

Love notes are not just for the people you're having sex with. Write a handwritten, detailed love note to your single best friend.

Go deep. Talk about when you first met, talk about the time she saved your life by not letting you go home with that dangerous fuckboy, talk about your the future of your friendship (like how rich and fab you'll be when you're grown up, even if you're technically "grown ups" already).

5. Do their makeup.

Nothing is as nurturing or intimate as doing your best friend's makeup for her. It's a true exercise in trust.

Even if you're not good at makeup, do it. It will be good for you guys, I PROMISE.

6. Get friendship tattoos.

The most wildly romantic thing I've ever done was get a friendship tattoo with my best friend, Ruba.

I got an "R" on my left arm to express my undying love for her, and she branded herself with a "Z."

Friends who tatt together, stay together.

7. Get ready together and go get a lavish meal.

Drink champagne, get pretty together, talk loads of shit and go spend HEAPS of money on a beautiful dinner for two.

8. Go for a drive.

Nothing binds two women together like a long drive through the country. Shamelessly blast your favorite middle school music, roll down the windows, and TALK DEEP, BABY!

9. Have a slumber party.

The only rules with adult sleepovers are that you wear really ridiculous PJs, get stoned and do some kind of face mask.

The rest is up to you, kittens.

10. Send non-basic flowers.

I love to buy my best friend's gorgeous arrangements of flowers. I don't do the basic, call-to-order ones, either.

Nah, I go somewhere bougie like Whole Foods (more like Whole Paycheck) and create the bouquet myself like a real woman. Make it a reflection of her personality.

And when those flowers fucking die, your friendship will still fucking live.