5 Sexy Couples Costume For The Couple Who Knows How Hot They Are


Halloween is my favorite holiday of all time. I typically spend the entire year picking out my costume, and then, I usually change my mind last minute. This is especially annoying if I'm dressing up with someone else, like a best friend or a boyfriend. Usually, I like to go with a funny costume (like I'm the front of the horse, and my crush is the back... whatever) but this year, I actually want to look not ugly or embarrassing. But what are some sexy couples costume ideas for you and your boo that'll actually show off your good looks instead of making you the butt of a joke?

Listen, Halloween is a very Instagrammable holiday. Let's just put it out there. Pictures of you will be posted on the internet. Additionally, you'll probably be going to a lot of parties, and you'll probably be seen by a lot of people. While it's always great to make people laugh on Halloween, or potentially scare them, sometimes, you just want to look hot. Is that so big a problem? I think not.

So here are seven couples costume ideas for the couple who knows how sexy they are. Which ones will you and your partner be this year?

1. Sexy Werewolves

Full Moon Lycan Costume, $110,

For a spooky night where you'll be up late howling at the moon, dressing up as a werewolf seems to make a lot of sense. These outfits kind of look like a lumberjack and a wolf had sex and then made a Halloween costume. However, I am not mad at it. I've always loved a man in a flannel and with a hairy chest. Plus, you can never go wrong with daisy dukes and a tied t-shirt, right?

2. A Sexy Mermaid And A Sailor

Sailor and Siren Couples Costume, $239,

If you're willing to splurge this Halloween, then this is the costume for your and your partner. The mermaid portion costs a whopping $189 (the sailor comes in a bit cheaper at $50), but you're bound to make a splash at any party you go to if you show up wearing this.

3. Adam And Eve


Adam and Eve Adult Costume, $40,

While you probably can't show up naked for a party, you can show up pretty close to it by dressing up as Adam and Eve for Halloween. For $40, you can purchase this outfit on It includes the flesh body suits, leaf coverings, headdresses, apple, and snake, so you can step into The Garden of Eden and sin a little.

4. A Lion And A Lion Tamer

Lion Tamer Couples Costume, $118 each,

I never knew that I could be attracted to a guy wearing a hat like that, but apparently, I can. Also available on, this costume isn't only great for Halloween, but it could also be fun if you want to do a little bit of role play later in the bedroom. I don't know, maybe you could also turn it into a little dominant and submissive thing. It does come with a whip and all.

5. Sexy Ghosts

Ghostly Couples Costume, $100,

While this is a dead couples costume, you can also use this costume as a way to be millennial dating: ghosting, zombieing, you know, that whole thing. But somehow, the mini dress is actually pretty cute, and who doesn't look good in a suit? You can find this sexy ghost costume over at And complete the look with some makeup and gray hairspray. It's a classic Halloween look for you and your boo.

Do you have any more sexy couples costume ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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