12 Best Friend Halloween Costumes That Are Too Cute For Words

September is here, and because we can't help but long for the excitement surrounding future reasons to celebrate, the idea of planning out our Halloween costumes has already started. Every year, some of the craziest, nostalgic, and scary as hell costumes pop up all over the internet. Just when you think nothing could top the year before, you're proven wrong... one spook at a time. Clearly, you and your partner in crime have to swoop in on the fun and coordinate the most amazing best friend Halloween costumes.

Halloween is the one time of year where you can be whoever the heck you want to be. It's like a day that unleashes the most creative sides of ourselves we may not show off any other day. So, because Halloween can't just be treated like any other day, drafting costume ideas can never occur too early. Besides, you don't want to be stressing out in the costume store last-minute.

Be the best planner you can possibly be, because you're going to need your undivided attention and wit to form the cutest costume for you and your best friend to wear. I mean, you already do just about everything else together, so rocking a coordinated costume idea together is a piece of cake (or a piece of pumpkin pie, if you're feeling festive). If you need a starting point for this potentially amazing duo costume idea, take a look at what people have done so far.

1. Toddlers And Tiaras

As much as Halloween is a time to partake in some adult-like behavior and fun, you can still dress it down. Besides, when else will you be able to have an excuse to wear a tiara? Anything pairs well with a tutu, so have at it.

2. Mario And Luigi

Get ready to allow your childhood obsession with Nintendo 64 reflect in your costume. Not only were Mario and Luigi the ultimate duo in your favorite game, but you can now share the moment with one of your favorite people. It's crazy the places we find inspiration from.

3. Arnold And Gerald

Oh, Hey Arnold, where would we be without your dope lineup of diverse and hilarious characters? After school was well-spent if you caught any portion of this show. People will swoon and appreciate your taste.

4. Comic Book Characters

Looking to spice up your costume a little bit this year? Comic book characters for ladies always leave room for being both sexy and sophisticated. You also have a good amount of characters to choose from.

5. Harry Potter-Themed

Accio! Yes, get ready to cast a charm spell on everyone with your own variation of Harry Potter. Who doesn't love the exciting tale of a wizard just trying to define himself? Even if you and your bestie are muggles, you'll steal the spotlight without an expecto patronum.

6. Lizzie McGuire And Miranda

Oh come on, if this isn't tugging at your heartstrings, then I'm not sure what does. Lizzie and Miranda were the beginning of #friendshipgoals. You and your bestie aren't far behind.

7. DayQuil And NyQuil

Do people ever tell you that you and your best friend complement each other? This is the perfect costume to embody that idea. Opposites really do attract, and you love it.

8. "Thing 1" And "Thing 2"

Dr. Seuss basically taught us how to read and accept each other for who we are. You and your best friend are two peas in a pod, so being "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" is extremely appropriate. Pull off the crazy blue hair together.

9. Tweedledee And Tweedledum

Alice in Wonderland has so many different options for costume ideas. Tweedledee and Tweedledum can be innovated to your own distinct taste. Make it chic or edgy, but just make it your own style together.

10. Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy

Shoutout to Spongebob for not only sugarcoating adult humor for years, but for serenading our childhood with laughs. Pairing this childhood nostalgia with your best friend will definitely be a full-circle moment. Look out for any uptight Squidwards.

11. Powerpuff Girls

Now these three girls were some real AF superheroes. Be the sugar, spice, and everything nice along with your favorite partner in crime. Why were all of our childhood cartoons so dope?

12. Minions

As much as we have no idea what the minions are ever saying, this costume idea will scream fun. It's not hard to put together, and it's oh-so cute. This is great for a group costume as well. Halloween is the perfect time to dress up with your best friend and show everyone one else how creatively you coordinate. It's time to bring that amazing best friend energy and vibe to life through your costume choice.