2,747 Women Swear By This Lube For How Natural It Feels

Celine Rahman

Ah, lube.

It's no secret that the topic of lube, in general, can be a sticky situation: People don't really like to talk about it, or whether or not they use it, even though it's a pretty necessary bedroom tool.

Seriously, I've heard about so many women who were turned off by the idea of using a lubricant before ("I'm not dry down there," or, "Ew, I'm too young for that shit!"). But then, once they finally tried it, it completely changed their sex lives.

In that way, lube is kind of like a vibrator: It can help you slide right into a more fiery, adventurous and orgasmic time in bed.

But when it comes to choosing the best slippery stuff, it seems that there is one formula that trumps them all on Amazon: The water-based Shibari Personal Lubricant.

Shibari Personal Lubricant, $10, Amazon 

People freaking LOVE this stuff, making it the site's top bestseller.

Out of the product's 2,747 reviews, over half of them (58 percent, to be exact) give the lube a perfect five-stars.

Some of my personal favorite gems of feedback:

This customer says it's "super silky soft!"


Did you hear that guys?! It's SMOOTH like Jagger. And, it doesn't smell like you're putting cyanide on your private parts.


It turns this person "From a Desert to a Rainforest."


It seems you can get a lot of bangs (hehe) for your $9 purchase: The Shibari lube apparently spreads easily without having to use too much.

This perk can make the pre-sex ritual of applying lube much quicker and less awkward, and you won't have to restock your side table stash for a while (unless, that is, you're having sex like rabbits).

People love it for its non-sticky qualities.


Eh, I'm gonna go ahead and suggest that, unlike this person, you should still wash the lube off post-sex. That just seems like the hygienic thing to do.

But true, it's nice to know there's no sticky aftermath.

And it's condom-friendly.


I mean, that's the whole point of lube, right? To make sure nothing down there dries out during all that thrusting?

It also has a very natural feel.


For me, this is the best part. Lube is great, but not when it feels like you're literally rubbing liquid plastic all over yourself.

Sex is all about comfort, and the fact that this lube provides a natural feel that won't dry out, spreads easily, doesn't stick and feels good to boot is probably why its reviews are through the roof.

And what's better than getting guaranteed good sex delivered by a drone?!

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