Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivers A Package In Just 30 Minutes (Video)

Amazon released teaser footage earlier today, showcasing its forthcoming drone delivery service.

The video tells the story of a family in need of a pair of cleats for their daughter, Millie. After placing the order on Amazon Prime Air, the shoes are delivered in no more than half an hour.

Presenter Jeremy Clarkson describes the "miracle of modern technology" and shows off the Amazon drone as it rises just under 400 feet in the air before jetting off at an average speed of 55 mph.

Clarkson says there will be a "family" of drones of different designs for different environments.

Amazon revealed the drone delivery system two years ago, at which time Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said it would be ready for customer use in "four or five years."

The company's site still acknowledges the service will "take some time" to become available, specifically while the US Federal Aviation Administration finalizes its airspace rules for commercial drones.

Check out the teaser video above, and see the Amazon Prime Air original release footage below.

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