Guys Reveal What Having Blue Balls Really Feels Like And TBH, It Doesn't Sound Great

Trinette Reed/Stocksy

I'm sure you are all wondering what blue balls feels like. Not a day goes by where I don't stop and think about it. I'll be having lunch, going on a hike, in the middle of a deep, meaningful conversation with my friends, doing a science experiment (?), or involved in charity work, and I'll think, "I hope not a single man on this Earth is suffering from the pain that is blue balls today." In fact, maybe health care should cover the pain associated with blue balls, if it does not already. I'm sure it is part of the current administration's health care plan, though. Out with covering birth control and pre-existing conditions! Let's cover Viagra and blue balls instead!

Anyway, because there isn't much science or literature out there specifically surrounding "blue balls," it's mostly treated as an urban legend and negotiation tactic widely used since The Garden of Eden. And now, lucky for you and me, a bunch of dudes took to a Reddit thread to talk about what having blue balls actually feels like. Because there's nothing like a bunch of bros being bros, bro-ing out and talking about their balls hurting. I love the internet.

So here are said guys revealing what having blue balls really feels like. I hope they will all be OK! :(

This Guy Says Blue Balls Feels Like Intense Soreness


This Gentleman Says It Feel Like You Have To Pee And Poop

Raymond Forbes LLC


He Says It Feels Like You Are Going To Explode

This Bro Finds It's A Lot Like Getting Kicked In The Nuts

Paul Phillips

Side note: Cool Reddit username, my dude.

He Says Blue Balls Makes Him Wanna Jerk Off

Please don't do that.

He Explains It's Like Your Balls Are In A Death Grip

George Rudy/Shutterstock

This Guy Reminds You Not To Use Blue Balls To Pressure People Into Sex

So remember, like this man said, if a guy is pressuring you into any sexual act because he has blue balls, then let him un-blue himself. A man's balls are not your business unless you want them to be.

And if he wants to whine about it, direct him to this thread, thank you very much!

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